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    Help Snail ID

    I was sitting in front of my aquarium watching the fish eat and suddenly a small white snail appeared out of no where. Its shell kind of resembles that of nerite or a mystery snail and its shell is translucent with a black ring. The body is white and it glides pretty quickly like a bladder...
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    Help Java fern not growing big

    I got a bunch of java ferns 5 months ago and the were healthy and producing babies but i realised after some time they stopped growing. The largest leaf is about 15cm long and 4-ish cm wide but the online sources i read from say that they can grow up to 35cm big and i have seen many tanks with...
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    Plant ID

    Whats that plant in the middle?(not the hydrilla looking plants) It came with my plants some time back and disappeared and now it got it again with the new plants i got. Edit: i get all my plants straight from the supplier
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    Shrimp gender

    Is that a male or female?
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    Question Suitable powerheads?

    I have been doing some research on water pumps and powerheads suitable for 60x29x34cm planted tank(cycled and have 1 male RCS survivor from my previous mistakes for 3 weeks in that tank) and i found that i quite like the tunze turbelle nanostream 6015 and the hydor koralia nano 240. I am...
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    Question Nomaphila siamensis?????

    I was searching for hygrophila corymboa for sale and came across nomaphila siamensis. I googled it and only saw hygrophila corymbosa siamensis or the narrow leaf variant. Is nomaphila siamensis the same as H. corymbosa????
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    Cutting plants with hand

    Has anyone tried trimming plants with your fingers or fingernails?? Just wondering if it works the same with the scissors cus i dont have one and i want to trim some stuff
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    Help Weird texture in the base of the fish tank

    I recently bought a used acrylic fish tank and came in good condition with no leaks but the base of the tank has a weird looking texture, but when you touch it it just feels smooth. Anyone knows what it is and should i be worried?
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    Red Cherry Shrimp Dead

    4 days ago i got my first pair of red cherry shrimp to try breeding them.I drip acclimated them for about 40 minutes to my planted 10 gallon tank. I have had the tank for 6 months with 4 rummy nose tetras(which were healthy and active with bright red heads) in it. On the first day they were swimming...
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    Question Can Introducing Shrimp That Competes With Mts For Food Reduce The Mts Population?

    I have a MTS problem in my planted aquarium. They seem to be feeding on the dead leaves from the plants. Can shrimps help eat all the dead leaves and starve the MTS to death?
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    Mosquito Fish Not Eating

    Ive been feeding my mosquito fish some red worms i gor from a reservoir and now theres very little left. When i try to feed the fish flakes, they eat it and spit it out and never go for it again. I was told mosquito fish eats everything. Why are they spitting out the flakes?(flakes for guppies)

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