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  1. Witchydesign

    Red cherry shrimp

    Snowballs? If they are the same tank requirements water ect then probably. If not then the rcs. My check clears the 1st I can buy them at that point
  2. Witchydesign

    Red cherry shrimp

    Preferably culls, just looking to add to my bettas pet collection. Hes not a shrimp eater, just likes having pets to "protect". He only has one left from the last group (about 6-8months ago. Got an unlucky batch of apprently all males.. my luck...) not looking for babies, he doesnt eat them but...
  3. Witchydesign

    Birthday gift for a betta?

    He has a betta log, honestly he rarely uses it. Hes in a planted ten with moss and plants and a log, its packed as it is, he has never liked open space in his tank. The happiest he was was when it was almost completely overgrown with fissidens. Fish had tunnels through it lol. Ill figure out...
  4. Witchydesign

    Birthday gift for a betta?

    Havent posted for a while but any that remember me my beloved Jenks is turning 3 on November 13th. Hes one of fried bettas spawns that had a spawn log so i was able to dig into the archives and find it lol. For those that dont know Jenks, hes a bit... nutty.. for a betta. From trying to keep...
  5. Witchydesign

    My Betta Fish is Acting Odd

    I use a plastic measuring cup, mines handle isnt closed so jenks (or whatever fish at the time) goes in it and i just hang it on the side of the tank in the water. I also use it for acclimations because the bags fish come in bother me. But that would work for his water changes too. Jenks just...
  6. Witchydesign

    My Betta Fish is Acting Odd

    You were gone for a month, hes sulking. I went on vacation for a week, my jenks sulked for days. I had to bribe him with pet ghost shrimp. He gets sulky without pets. Youd be surprised how emotional they can get.
  7. Witchydesign

    Bolivian Ram wont eat

    I rarely see mine eat, but she usually waits til everyone else is done and then finds scraps. I usually do flake and bloodworms, but i have also seen her eat snails, and eggs dropped from my danios. Also snail eggs off the walls of the tank. It took her a while before she was comfortable enough...
  8. Witchydesign

    What is this? Please help

    All i see is a black square, can't really help with that..
  9. Witchydesign

    New red claw crabs, food?

    I found a freeze dried mix of different veggies, mealworms, wax worms, shrimp.. its a trial size so i rehydrated a bit of all of it and put some in so we will see. Also my petco gave me a piece of dried algae to see if they would eat that. I have some catfish i was going to cook in a few days...
  10. Witchydesign

    Stocking Ideas for a 138 Gallon Tank

    I like the big schools, but i would want a few different species so there was some color variation. Cories, chili rasboras and something blue like celestial blue danios.
  11. Witchydesign

    Stocking Ideas for a 138 Gallon Tank

    Me personally ive always wanted one of two ideas for a massive tank. A single large crazy fish hanging out by himself, or a massive community of nano fish. Lol. Like schools of chili rasboras, celestial danios... tiny fish that school and do big groups od each. Plant the out of it ans enjoy the...
  12. Witchydesign


    My manzanita i never got to completely stop floating, i just stuff it in the substrate and kinda anchor it down with some rocks. Otherwise it floats and it has been submerged at least a year.
  13. Witchydesign

    New red claw crabs, food?

    If i can find one i will, but for now i just want them out of the 5.5. What about food?
  14. Witchydesign

    New red claw crabs, food?

    So i got 2 red claw crabs last week. Named them Mickey and Minnie. I have been researching like mad before and after getting them, but information is basic or vague. They came from the petstore in freshwater, and i asked how long these two had been at the store which was about 2 months...
  15. Witchydesign


    I keep the 2 i have inside my hob filters. That gives them the water and they arent deep enough to cause rot.
  16. Witchydesign

    Total Newb Makes a Clock Tank

    Make sure whatever you use to seal your clock pieces is aquarium safe, alot of sealants leach chemicals into the water and will kill off the fish. Plants, easy ones would be java fern (dont stuff it in the gravel, it needs to be tied to a decoration or piece of aquarium safe driftwood) Anubias...
  17. Witchydesign

    Betta Clamped Tail

    Clean water, add some aquarium salt as well. Whats his tank/water specs?
  18. Witchydesign

    Feeding fish Carrots: Thoughts?

    Its pumpkin season, plecostamous do love a chunk of pumpkin. I have a chunk in mine and the plecostamous hasnt left it since i put it in. Or the snails... and i think the ram has been nibbling shes looking more orange this morning....
  19. Witchydesign

    The bucket babies

    They started out about the size of mosquito larve if not a bit smaller. Luckily the bucket is full of all sorts of copepods and little edible delights. Theyve been growing quite fast imo. Im about 99% positive they are zebra danios, wrong shape for harlequins. I went ahead an put them in the 20...
  20. Witchydesign

    Sea Bunnies

    O.O i need a saltwater tank now.....

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