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  1. EricThePleco

    Any Ideas Would Help On This Crazy Worm

    I’ve seen lots of little pest like planaria and detritus worms but nothing like this, it’s extremely sluggish and kinda reminds me of a caterpillar
  2. EricThePleco

    120 gallon Low Tech Planted Build

    The Tank is going to be lit with 2 36in Finnex Stingray and filtered with 2 110 Aqua Clears. Im planning on the back 12in of the aquarium to be heavily planted with stem plants and having some wood some were in there too. I want to mainly stock this tank with nano fish (or nano fish compatible)...
  3. EricThePleco

    150 Angel Tank

    So i have a 150 gallon filtered with 2 Aquaclear 110's that i planning on having angelfish as the center piece fish i was hopping y'all could give me so ideas on other fish to build around them heres what i have so far. ( im trying to keep this kind of under stocked and the schools of fish may...
  4. EricThePleco

    Tub Pond Problems

    so im getting a Rubbermaid 50 g stock tub and i already see a massive problem with it being 12'' deep. I have dogs and know for a fact that they'll have a blast getting in it, any thoughts on a solution. thx again, Eric
  5. EricThePleco

    Please Help, Shrimp Are Dying

    I’m not super experienced in shrimp but I got these guys yesterday because of how nice they look. There in a 5 gallon with 3 sparkling Gouramis who seem to show little aggression I am a experienced fish keeper just not with shrimp, I checked nitrates and nitrites and they seem to be fine. The shrimp...
  6. EricThePleco

    Self Sustaining Aquarium

    So ive been trying to make a self sustaining recently just to give something cool a try, ive got a refuge on the way. the plan with that is to breed shrimp and other small inverts in there. the tank is 29 gallons with 3 paradise fish 6 otos 8 albino corycats.its heavily planted with 1.5in of...
  7. EricThePleco

    Is This Common With Plecos

    So this is my first time breeding Bristle Nose Plecos but I have been in the hobby for 5ish years So my Regular colored Plecos had about 1/3 albino. You can see the red eyes in this pic but this is not all of them any ideas?
  8. EricThePleco

    29 gallon Tank...

    Theres 3 Paradise Fish abt 1in 7 Albino Cory Cats The Tank is Planted pretty hevaily any ideas on what else i could put in it Thx Eric
  9. EricThePleco

    Something Is Wrong With Him Plz Help

    this is the second time something like this has happened to my baby guppies. I don’t know whether I’m feeding to much or if it’s a disease of some sort. All my other guppies are normal looking. So far I have treated with general cure and test parameters. Thx Eric
  10. EricThePleco

    Does Temp Affect Fry Sex

    My tanks at 78-76F i have had 7 fry survive (first Batch) 6 of them are female does temp affect gender or is this just a normal think to have more females than males Any thoughts? Thx Eric
  11. EricThePleco

    Synodontis Ocellifer

    Okay so i bought this guy about 4 days ago hes about 2in and im not sure how the store came across this little guy because they say the only buy locally from hobiyst unless its a special request ( there only breed with hormones thats why its odd ) any ways im having trouble feeding him...
  12. EricThePleco

    How To Get Rid Of Hair Algae Help!!!

    i have a 5 gallon NPT with Watersprite anachris hair grass s repens monte carlo and frogbit i have 4 cherry shrimp i have to desk lamps with 13 watt 6500k bulbs on for 16 hours im assuming im keeping them on for to long bc i dont dose ferts any ideas on how to get rid of it
  13. EricThePleco

    29 Gallon Stocking - Any Good Ideas

    im going to do a 29 G With Neon Tetras Hatchet fish and a pair of apistos I want to do some amazon sword and some. Jungle Val as my back ground plants I want to do
  14. EricThePleco

    Whats Your Favorite Apsito Strain W/ Pic

    trying to decide what to get
  15. EricThePleco

    Is This A Skud And Is It Bad

    I have cherry shrimp but it dose not loook like a baby Thx eric
  16. EricThePleco

    Debate On Best And Worst Heaters

    HEATERS Which ones are the best Which ones are over priced which ones are the best bang for there buck which ones have you had bad expirences with
  17. EricThePleco

    Shrimp Tank Setup

    What do you consider the smallist tank you could put them in? i can go bigger if i need to but would a planted 1 gallon owl work for a couple off cherry shrimp. any other thoughts of what would work better? Thx Eric
  18. EricThePleco

    Stocking 30 gallon Planted

    i could put them in a 30 bowfront or a regular 30 and this tank will be planted I would like a fish that stays at the top of the tank like hatches any ideas and how many of that fish I think i want to go with blue neon tetras for the middle of the tank any other ideas and how many and im set...

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