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  1. MatthewM

    Hole in tetra

    I had a tetra that looked deformed. Well it died today, upon closer inspection, the part that looked like it sunk in, was a literal hole in its stomach. Nothing there. What could it be?
  2. MatthewM

    Deformed tetra

    I just noticed one of my serpae tetras is NOT right. it's belly where the fin is seems to have grown in. So there is a big gap there... it wasnt like this before...what the heck happened?
  3. MatthewM

    White worm

    I just sucked a little white worm out of my tank. About a quarter inch long. It was wiggling along the surface. Anybody know what it is??
  4. MatthewM

    Common pleco bein a jerk

    My common pleco keeps getting snails in corners, and then running at them and hitting them, backing up and doing it again, or just wiggling his tail pushing them in the corner really hard. What gives??
  5. MatthewM

    Second ram going down

    My last ram is acting like the first. Sitting on the bottom, not laying, and can't seems to stay off it for very long. I noticed the blue face agassizi is also almost whipping him with his tail. And nipping. Is he being beat to death?
  6. MatthewM


    Update for those who have tried to help me figure out my plant issues before. SUCCESS. A local fish store told me to take out my purigen. (I have 200 gallons worth in a 75) turns out, it was the problem. I am dosing my normal ferts. Excel, flourish, iron, potassium, root tabs. And my plants are...
  7. MatthewM

    What is my snail doing??

    This is the snail in my 10 gal qt tank...never seen this before but now it does it all the time.
  8. MatthewM

    Major dropsy

    Second case of dropsy in one month Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 Ph 7.8 Glo tetra this time. Pineconing, bulging, eyes look like they are going to blow out if its head. I have a qt tank now, so I'm moving it there. What product can i use to treat it? I have a serpae that is close to...
  9. MatthewM

    Return of the white stuff.

    The white stuff in my hornwort i posted about before is back in bigger amounts. All over. But only the hornwort. What the heck. This is new too, idk what it is. The stock is 20 neon tetra 6 black skirt 6 glo tetra 6 serpae tetra Golden mystery snail and black mystery snail 1 german blue ram 1...
  10. MatthewM

    Whole tank white poop

    I did a big water change, and added back a piece of driftwood i had out to bleach for a while. And added like 5 new fish. And the day after, the entire tank is covered in white poop. Big white poop. Is this normal? i stopped using purigen as i was told it could be stealing nutrients from plants...
  11. MatthewM

    New cory on side.

    My new emerald cory is laying on it's side, breathing, but barely. What happened???? It moved a few feet away where it continues to do this...
  12. MatthewM

    Sick of fluval.

    What is a good brand, that isnt a peice of work, won't bust the bank, and i can use most of my media from my fluval 406? I HATE my fluval canister.
  13. MatthewM

    Angels and tetras.

    I just read that you can keep tetras with angels, but you cannot keep black skirts because angels will attack black skirts...why would they specifically attack black skirts? It also said cardinals are not good but neons this article just false? It seems odd
  14. MatthewM

    Squeeling airstones

    My airstones keep making this obnoxious squealing noise and its driving me insane. Never happened before. Now all of a sudden i have to change to a brand new airstone every 12 hours or it starts squealing. Not the pump, the stone. Anyone know a solution?
  15. MatthewM

    Stunned fish

    I was netting a few neons for a quick move, and i noticed that two, once netted, floated belly up, for ten seconds, i thought i killed them. Heart attacks or something. But then woke up and kept going. Can you stun fish? Now one of them swims with its tail slightly above his head, and has to...
  16. MatthewM

    Are these the same?

    Inspecting my cory's, this one seem different than his school.. Is this cory, The same as these cory's?
  17. MatthewM

    What is this...

  18. MatthewM

    Selective breeding

    Does selectively breeding the prettier shrimp together, result in fuller colored shrimp? I got 12 small rcs from a guy, 5 bucks for all of them. Some are really nice red, some are practically ghost shrimp. I actually noticed one of the females has eggs now and a few are showing really vibrant...
  19. MatthewM

    Why not both...

    Aqueon quiet flow came with the why not? Lol Loudest hob impeller i've heard though...
  20. MatthewM

    Seeding Filter

    Getting my hospital tank today. Using a sponge filter, my plan is i take a good number of the ceramic beads from my canister on the 75, (i have a LOT) and shove them inside the sponge filter. Will that work?

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