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    Question How do I move a bristle nose pleco?

    you might want to try a plastic baggy, let the water fill it up, hte larger the baggy the better, but make sure there is plenty of water in it. then let the fish go in it, lift the bag, with all the water in it, and transfer the fish by puring both the water and the fish in the tank. Hope that...
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    Question Pregnant Platy

    i have had platy's before and mine did not eat a day or two, mabey three before giving birth, but then watch out because after birth she is hungry! and she will eat any baby in front of her hope i helped and good luck
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    Question Pictus and corys

    im not sure, but i have some websites if you would like to see them, just let me know and i will reply to it and give you the sites, hope it goes well just say so!
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    Comment by 'luvlee11' in media 'My 45L biorb life'

    What kind of tank is this? it is very neat.
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    First day with new tank

    GOOD LUCK! and if you like him keep him, just get a few friends of his own kind!
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    angsty/depressed guppy. thoughts?

    well he obviously did really well with your platy, franky, so why dont you get another for him, how big is the tank? if size allows it , but two or three more tank mates, most fish are happier that way. GOOD LUCK!
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    miracle aquarium!

    ok, I got my green pufferfish and i wanted to see how they would do with the rest of my fish so i put them in the large aquarium with my tetras, guramis, and parrotfish. They get along with the rest of my fish great. and they eat the flake food really well, i have had them for about three weeks...
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    hey , hmmmm.....?

    Can kids be on fishlore, im just curious....
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    Question parrot fish

    i have a gourami with my red parrots. they do great!
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    spotted green pufferfish?

    Do you know the price of brine shrimp?
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    spotted green pufferfish?

    I have a few quetions about spotted green pufferfish, im getting one tomarrow. What do spotted green pufferfish eat? Can they be with bumblebee gobies? ( like i read ). Can they be changed to eating regular fish flake food? I just dont know the answers and i feel i could trust these answers off...
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    spotted green puffer fish?

    thank u
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    spotted green puffer fish?

    sadly i couldnt click on that, my computer is blocking it. any more advice?
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    spotted green puffer fish?

    Ok I would love to have a couple spotted green puffer fish. can they be with tank mates of seperate species? and what do they eat. I am prepared to have a seperate tank for them if needed.
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    betta question.....

    ok thank you, i have had a betta before, but it was years ago, i was lke 4 lol. my mom forgot to clean the bowl. u know what happand then. . but I think they are beautiful fish. Thank you shawnie.
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    betta question.....

    well they only can see each other when i lift the dark divider. ( the clear one ALWAYS is in place for saftey. ) so why would they still make the bubbles?
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    betta question.....

    Ok, I have one of those tank dividers that lift up and there is a clear sheild. I the pet store i bought the fish from said they only carry males. I am wondering why the two "male" bettas I bought keep on making bubbles at the top of the tank. ps. one of them is a silver white color with blue...
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    platy babies with feeder guppies?NEED ANSWERS SOON! FISH IS ALMOST READY!

    ok thank you all for the great answers!
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    platy babies with feeder guppies?NEED ANSWERS SOON! FISH IS ALMOST READY!

    I have a platy that is almost ready to give birth, can i put the newborn platys with the newborn guppies?

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