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    Question pearl gourmai help

    I have two pearls that are of a good size that I want to move. Does anyone know if they would hold there own with some small electric yellow ciclids?
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    Question clown knife

    does anyone know how fast clown knifes grow mine are 3 inches right now. thanks.
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    Question new born mollys

    I looked in my tank on the weekend and noticed I have 14 baby fish in there. its been 4 days and they have not been eaten I was wondering if someone can tell me when they would be at a safe size to give to my lfs thanks Dave.
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    hello everyone, Could someone explain to me what brackish water is? I not sure what it means is it salt water or in between? thanks Dave.
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    adding sand

    Hello fellow members, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the safest way to add more sand in my aquarium? thanks Dave.
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    Important need help I have sick fish with ich

    Hello everyone few days ago I put up a post about my sunset platie looking like sand was all over him I thought it was ick but wasn't sure. he died the other day and now my other fish have the same symptoms I need some help on what I can do to save the rest of my fish. I turned my temp up to 82...
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    Question my sunset platy looks like he has sand on him.

    Hi everyone I woke up this morning and looked at my platys and noticed it looks like he has sand all over him, my other fish are fine and nothing like this on them any Ideas fellow members? thanks Dave.
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    Question opaline Gourmai

    Hi everyone just a quick question I have a opaline gourima in my aquarium he gets along with the other fish I have had no problems with aggression. I have been looking at a powder gourima at the lfs and really love the colors and was wondering if I would have problems with the two of them in my...
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    Question Aquarium Sand

    could anyone tell me how to properly clean and maintain sand thanks Dave.
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    Question Sand or Gravel

    I was just wondering if you use sand how easy is it to clean the aquarium? I like the look of sand and thinking about using it instead of gravel.
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    red tail shark

    could anyone tell me if a red tail shark would be ok to add to a community aquarium thanks Dave
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    Question Gouramis

    Can I put Gouramis in a community tank or are they too aggresive? thanks Dave.
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    Freshwater community fish

    Hello fellow members can anyone give me some Ideas on sme nice colorful community fish for my 38 gallon aquarium thanks Dave.
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    Question Dragon Goby

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if A dragon goby would eat earth worms? thanks Dave.
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    Using Prime

    I am doing water changes and using prime to help bring my ammonia down in my aquarium and was wondering if I am supose to use a water conditioner with prime? or just prime alone.
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    Convict Fish

    A lady where my wife works asked if we wanted her Convict fish she just wants rid of them I guess cause she lost intrest. But I am not sure if I could have them because I read up on them and they can be a little aggressive. I currently have a 38 gallon tank with 2 swordtails, 2 whiteskirt...
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    Thank you Everyone

    Hello Fishlore members I Just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their help in teaching me proper aquarium set up and maintance. I am so happy I found this site and joined I am sure if it was not for the help and info I recieved I would not have an aquarium for me and my family to...
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    Question Water Change

    Well I did my second water change today on my fish tank I was just wondering if anyone could give me some more helpful advice. I used my syphon to clean the gravel and removed 30% of the water, I rinsed my filter cartridge in the old aquarium water, added conditioned water to top it back up. I...
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    Need help with my Baby Angel fish

    Yesterday I added 2 small angelfish to my aquarium they seem really leary of the other fish and tend to hide. they also won't eat at feeding time I was just wondering if I should be concerned or do they just need time to adjust thanks Dave.
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    My new aquarium

    My new Aquarium

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