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  1. Ravynn

    3yr old 20 gallon long.. what to do?

    Would anyone have any ideas on a single/pair of fish (nothing that will breed like crazy, I live in the middle of nowhere so won't find homes for fish) or something other than fish I could house in my 20 long? It's been setup for 3 yrs and since then i've done a 40 breeder south american...
  2. Ravynn

    Meal worm living in my snail

    If you're talking about this, then Michael is correct that it's his breathing tube.
  3. Ravynn

    Fluval 110 HOB is louder than expected

    My Aquaclear 50 was noisy when I first got it too. I think it took a month to stop making weird grinding noises, that's when I noticed the impeller had gotten gunk built up on it.
  4. Ravynn

    Slowly Upgrading 55 To 75 Gallon

    I got a VicTsing pump from Amazon but you can use pond pumps from hardware stores too. Just have to make sure the lift height is the proper height for your tank/stand. Banana looks much bigger than 2" when he's on the glass! Love the blue eyes.
  5. Ravynn

    Slowly Upgrading 55 To 75 Gallon

    I do the same thing. Got a cheap pump from Amazon that pumps to the height of my tank and everything is so much faster. I also picked up one of these plug switches just to plug the pump into so other things don't have to be turned off/I don't have to yank out the pump plug when I need it to...
  6. Ravynn

    Slowly Upgrading 55 To 75 Gallon

    Wow, Banana looks so big! What do you have in the tank now? I need to pick up one of those magnetic veggie clips sometime... when i'm in the mood to splurge on something! Lol
  7. Ravynn

    Question Angel with clear poop

    For the amount of info I tried to include, I feel silly for not mentioning his diet. He was getting a different diet in quarantine and has been eating only Northfin and frozen foods in the main tank.... so I guess transitioning to a new diet could be the culprit. I'm always on high alert for...
  8. Ravynn

    Question Angel with clear poop

    I have some concern for my new Angel. I got him over 5 weeks ago and did proper quarantine procedure. As a preventative measure, I treated with PraziPro once and Levamisole twice. Since being moved to the bigger tank i've been able to notice more that a few times throughout the day he will...
  9. Ravynn

    Help Making repashy properly

    I just did it as instructions state, boiled some water and mixed it with the powder and put it in the fridge to set.
  10. Ravynn

    Help Tank Sprang A Leak Overnight

    I'd be looking at the stand too, especially before you fill your new tank up. If it was uneven/sagging and not supporting that corner, the seal could of let go due to the pressure.
  11. Ravynn

    Quarantine Tanks- How many in the hobby actually use them?

    I quarantine for 4 weeks. The main thing I look for is parasites, especially ich in the first week. I don't have anywhere reliable to buy fish from, so I have to be careful. I dose all new fish in quarantine with PraziPro and Levamisole because you just never know. I never treat for bacterial or...
  12. Ravynn

    Help Making repashy properly

    The past 2 times i've made repashy community plus it didn't set and was still wet when I tried to cut it. I usually like it to be a firm gel to cut and put in the freezer. Is it possible mine has gone bad (even though it's in a sealed bag) or am I doing something wrong? How do you guys make...
  13. Ravynn

    PLECOS!! share yours

    Had a cichlid that decided this guys fins were lunch plus I never saw him because he hid 24/7. Took him out last week and this little dude has been king of the tank. So much fun watching him. I just love the long fins... so majestic! Oooh, I need to try that squash with the pleco above ^...
  14. Ravynn

    Help Bottom feeders for 45 gallon

    I feel like kuhlis won't be comfortable enough to come out with that many bottom dwelling cichlids. That's when keeping kuhlis can turn into, "when was the last time I saw them?". I find keeping tons of kuhlis more entertaining and peaceful than lots of cichlids.
  15. Ravynn

    White spot disease on fish ?- not itch?

    I just want to add that I can definitely see a lot of tiny ich spores on the Angel in the first post.. on the rays and body. I wonder if the ich caused a bacterial infection from the inflammation/open wounds?
  16. Ravynn

    29 Gallon Stocking (would this be a decent stocking?)

    With appropriate water changes i'd say you could do all of your listed stocking as well.
  17. Ravynn

    Tfreema's New 75 gallon

    Beautiful tank and even more beautiful angel!
  18. Ravynn

    What's the next fish you're getting?

    Sometime this week i've been thinking about picking up either 10 norman's lampeye killis or 12 hengeli rasboras. I'm thinking the killis as i'd love to try and get fry.
  19. Ravynn

    Help Increasing PH for guppies?

    Would Seachem Equilibrium be just as good, if not better than crushed coral to raise my GH? I’d assume my PH is fine and I have enough KH that my PH has always been stable, just need more GH for minerals and electrolytes.
  20. Ravynn

    Help Increasing PH for guppies?

    I'm genuinely curious, why would it take so long to stabilize? I haven't messed with any of this before.

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