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  1. celizabethh3

    New 5 gallon tank

    I bought a Fluval Spec and am in the process of doing a fish-less cycle but I was just wondering what some options for stocking it would be? I know a betta is probably my best bet, but are there any other fish that would be suitable?
  2. celizabethh3

    What kind of tetra is this?

    This afternoon I went to a LFS that I don't normal check out and in their skirts/hi fin/silver tip tetra tank they had a lone tetra I had never seen before. It has the body shape of a skirt, is even the same colour as my white ones but has pink "paint splatters" lining the upper part of its...
  3. celizabethh3

    Important Parasites in 36 gallon tank - URGENT

    I posted a thread on here about a week ago with no responses so I am posting another one. MODS, please feel free to merge threads! I believe that I am dealing with a case of parasites in my 36 gallon tank. I first noticed that my female platy was scratching, soon followed by one of my young...
  4. celizabethh3

    Important Scratching: normal or internal parasite?

    At the beginning of July I had a zebra danio who was extremely bloated. After fasting her and trying the pea method, her belly started to go back to normal until she suddenly passed away. I never noticed anything else wrong with her; she was active, had a healthy appetite and from the size of...
  5. celizabethh3

    A trip to my LFS..

    I went to PetSmart today to get some guppies for my 10 gallon as I moved everyone over to the 36 and it was sitting empty. I picked up three females and one male and some of the girls are gravid. There were already a few babies in the tank so she net them up and gave them to me for free. One...
  6. celizabethh3

    Black skirt tetra with torn fins

    I have a small school of skirt tetras (four black and two white) in my 36 gallon and I've noticed that one of them has half of its dorsal fin ripped off and its analfin is torn in places. I know they're quite nippy and usually most of them have small tears that heal quickly but this guy is...
  7. celizabethh3

    Recommendations for a smaller betta tank

    I currently have a female betta in a tank that is too small for her but is maintained through regular water changes and the use of Prime. I have had her for nearly two years now and last summer I bought her a 10 gallon tank only to find out she has swim bladder. She was okay for a couple of...
  8. celizabethh3

    Pregnant or something else?

    I have had four danios (3 zebra, 1 leopard) for close to a year now. They were initially in a 10 gallon tank but have since been moved to my 36 gallon. Recently one of them has developed a swollen belly and at first I thought she (?) was full of eggs. I don't know how to sex them so I'm not sure...
  9. celizabethh3

    Sexing a powder blue gourami

    I got this bad boy (or girl) at PetSmart and I was wondering if you guys would be able to sex it for me. I've tried researching it on my own but because it's a dwarf I'm a little confused. I imagine (s)he is a little stressed from being netted out of the store's tank (the girl had a hard...
  10. celizabethh3

    Helping Cory eggs hatch

    I have a peppered Cory who has laid eggs three times over the past five weeks or so. The first batch was eaten by the time I checked on them the next morning. I tried to keep the second batch "safe" by placing them in a Tupperware container and floating it in the tank but they fungused over a...
  11. celizabethh3

    Colony True Nitrifying Bacteria

    Has anyone heard of or used this Colony product? It is made by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing or ATM. I have an ammonia spike in my 36 gallon tank after thinking the nitrogen cycle was complete. I have checked five LFS for TSS and none of them carry it nor have they heard of it. A reputable fish...
  12. celizabethh3

    What are these? (Solved: Cory Eggs)

    I just found these growing on the inside of my small (10 gallon) tank. I haven't been having much luck cycling my 36 gallon and now I'm a little worried after seeing these up the glass and in the plants. Four small Corys have been living in there for nearly a year, with no new fish added in...
  13. celizabethh3

    36 gallon aquarium & stocking ideas!

    Now that my 36 gallon is cycled, I would like to SLOWLY (very slowly!) start adding more fish. Tonight I added four danios (three zebra and one leopard.) So far my tank consists of: - 5 platys (+ more to come as I believe one is VERY pregnant) - 4 danios Would tetras be compatible with platys...
  14. celizabethh3

    Pregnant Twin Bar Platy?

    This is my first time owning Platies, or any livebearing fish for that matter, and I think my gold twin bar may be pregnant. I do have two males in the tank (along with four other females, including my twin bar) but her belly was that size when I bought her from my LFS. I was actually hoping to...
  15. celizabethh3

    Nitrogen cycle and platies

    I recently purchased a 36 gallon aquarium and like many others, my LFS failed to explain the nitrogen cycle to me and I added some platies to the tank after having it filter for just over a day. Prior to adding the fish, I added Prime and Fluval Biological Enhancer (day 1: 25 mL per 10 gallons...

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