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    Mollie fry not swimming ?

    Hi ya'll, i have about 20 mollie fry so far black - ( about a month old) and white - (3 months old) !! all are fine apart from one which is about 3 months old he was fine before but recently he just sits at the bottom of the tank and cant seem to swim up to the top of the tank when he does he...
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    fish scared of light ?

    hiya, just wondering if u may be able to help, all my fish are fine waters fine, temp etc -part from one of my female black mollies had fry, only recently though over the last 2 days when i go to feed them and turn the light on they all hide under the filter and my catfish go mental and darting...
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    what to feed mollie fry

    hi, is this right that i can feed them mollie fry crushed up flakes and also read somewhere that i can feed them veggie flakes ? can the mum eat these too ? thanks ! x
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    Hi Guys, I need some help, my mollie fish has just had babies, this is the first time i've had fish and only had them a month if that - i didnt realise when i got her she was pregnant just though she was a bit bloated ! Neway i have a few questions as i have NO idea what im doing so hopefully...
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    Help with Mollie Fish !

    Hi, Can anyone help me, i have just bought 75l tank, had it a few weeks now and have 4 ( 2 black, 2 silver - don't which are male and female!!!) mollies in and 2 honey gourmani, one of my silver mollies is quite aggressive and chases the 2 other black mollies around, when i take the silver...

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