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  1. Blub

    The Blunders Of A Returning Aquarist

    Hello again... UPDATE: SEE POST #17 It has been five years since my last FishLore post and since I dismantled my aquaria before leaving for university. Having now graduated and with a lot of free time on my hands, I've finally returned to the hobby. Although I'd previously considered myself a...
  2. Blub

    Thoughts on my 48gal Stocklist

    Hello again Since my last visit to Fishlore I've managed to sort out my 48 US gallon tanks detritus problem and it is looking very nice in there. Recently I've been considering additions to my well established fish stock and I would like to get some opinions. Here is the list of current...
  3. Blub

    Copious amounts of floating detritus!

    Hello all It's been a long time since I stopped by here, good to see some familar faces about still! Site has changed but it still seems like the good old fishlore of old. Anyway. I've let my tanks slip a little in the past few years, and my big 180 litre tank has gone without water changes...
  4. Blub

    50 Gallon Tank Any input on my tank?

    Hey guys I don't frequent this forum much anymore but I know you guys always have some unusual and creative ideas when it comes to fish stocking so I thought I'd drop a post to give my fish related musings some direction. The only tank I have running at the moment is a 180 litre (approx...
  5. Blub

    Fish that SHOULD be more readily available

    Hello We've got a thread of fish that shouldn't be so readily available, so what fish do you think we should be seeing in shop tanks more often? I'm lucky enough to have an LFS that stocks many species of rare and unusual fish, so I've been able to get my hands on a Panda Garra. He's like an...
  6. Blub

    Encyclopedia Aquatica Profile Template

    Hello Everyone! Many of you have given me your kind permission to use you pictures in the Encyclopedia recently, and Firemouthguy has even written some new profiles! This has worked really well, so I've decided to let anyone add a profile to the encyclopedia. As long as it's a new fish that...
  7. Blub

    Just how accurate is the Fishlore calculator?

    Hello everyone I have a Juwel Rio 180, advertised as 180 litres by the manufacturer. I put 180litres - gallons into Fishlore's calculator, and apparently it measures out as 47.56gals. I'm 90% sure that this is the tank's size. However, when I enter the tank's dimensions (converted into...
  8. Blub

    Got any nice fishy Photos?

    Hello everyone A lot of you are probably familiar with my Encyclopedia Aquatica. It's a fish profile database I've been writing for the past few years; and whilst I have described the care of over 100 species I haven't got many pictures! The only pictures you can really use on the web are...
  9. Blub

    50 Gallon Tank Restarting my 48gal

    Hello everyone. I haven't posted here for a good year or so, and it's been a while... A few familiar faces about, which is nice to see but also lots of new ones too. Good to see FL's still going as good as it always was! Anyway, I haven't been doing much fish stuff in my year's absence...
  10. Blub

    Cory Barbell loss?

    Hi guys I haven't posted on here in a while... Christmas, other hobbies and all. Anyway, I've recently added 6 Albino Corys to my 47gal tank and I've been having a few problems. The tank substrate is black sand, which I thought would be ideal for corys. Now, after having them for a week...
  11. Blub

    What on earth just happened!?

    Today I woke up... Went on the comp for a while, and decided to feed the fishies. I notice how I haven't seen Monaco the Betta today... I reasoned he was in his coconut cave (for a change!) or in the overgrown hygrophila forest. So I feed the community tank, and go over to Betta. I open the...
  12. Blub

    My empty 12gal!

    Yes, if you read the title I won't have to tell you much more - I have an empty 12gal! I decided that my Black neons looked a little depressed in there - they didn't do much so I decided to set them free into the 47gal, which I can tell you they LOVE. They get on great with the other fish and...
  13. Blub

    Why is a Cyprinid classed under Catfish?

    In the main forum page, there is a section called 'Freshwater fish and Invertebrates', and one of the sub-forums is 'Catfish'. If you click that link () then it will display several sub-forums.... So my question is: Why is the Chinese Algae Eater (A Cyprinid) classed as a Catfish?
  14. Blub

    What do you guys think of my plans?

    I just wanted some thoughts on the plans I have for my fish in my head (none of them are deffinate yet). Basically I really want to get some corys for my 12gal (Currently housing 5 lazy Black neon tetras!). I've tried them before many times, but just got really annoyed because I was the only...
  15. Blub

    Anyone know much about Sulawesi snails?

    Hey guys Does anybody know much about sulawesi snails? I've found a little bit of info on their general care - what I am somewhat unsure of though is their plant eating capacitys. Does anyone know how many plants they eat, and which ones they leave alone? Thanks!
  16. Blub

    New betta tommorow!

    Yay! OK so recently I've been looking at getting a New Betta... I mean, my 7.5gal currently houses Ember tetras (They get to 0.80") and shrimp... Tiny fish, Tiny bio-load. So... Move them to the 48gal where they can frolic in 'the jungle', and I have an empty tank ideal for a Betta! So...
  17. Blub

    What do you think?

    Hey guys 47gal Heavily Planted (Lots of fast growing plants!) EI Fertilization system (Dry ferts) DIY CO2 (I already own all these dudes - and don't ask why I never seem to be able to have a school of 6 - if I buy 8, it ends up with 5. If I buy 6, it ends up with 5... Every single...
  18. Blub

    Dwarf Neon (praecox) Rainbowfish Warning!

    Hi guys So a few months ago, I decided to buy myself some Dwarf Neon Rainbowfishes. Great fish! However, their numbers declined rapidly. Some of them appeared 'bruised', pale and sickly. Puzzled, I bought 2 more to replenish the passed fish. They snuffed it... So a few days ago I bought 2 more...
  19. Blub

    Quick African Buterfly Fish Question

    OK so recently I've been reasearching African Butterfly Fish (Partly out of general interest, partly for a possible future plan.) and I have come to a difficult point - on almost all the pages I've read on them it says they may eat small fish whilst the fish are feeding at the surface... My...
  20. Blub

    World's easiest quiz

    I'm not sure this is the right place for this, but here's an email my friend sent me... WORLD'S EASIEST QUIZ (Passing requires 4 correct answers) 1) How long did the Hundred Years' War last? 2) Which country makes Panama hats? 3) From which animal do we get cat gut...

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