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    Sluggish Betta

    I think my Betta might not be feeling well. He was eating and swimming around normally yesterday, but today he won't touch his bloodworms and he's hanging out at the bottom of the tank refusing to move very much. He's been nestled in a plant l, facing upwards for a little while. I'm getting...
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    Bettas And Veggies?

    My little six month old Betta, Somnus, lives in a 10 gallon planted tank that he shares with a few of my mystery snails. He has a steady diet of bloodworm, but recently I busted him chowing down on one of the snails blanched zucchini slices. I watching him swollow an entire seed and then go back...
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    Mystery Snail Baby Colors

    My clutch hatched about a week ago, they're all doing well but I've never had speckled mystery snail babies before. What color are these snails? Is it too soon to tell?
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    4 Clutches In 5 Days!

    I don't understand how this is happening. I have three mystery snails in my tank, I think two are female, and they have managed to lay 4 clutches in about a week. What do I do with all the babies when they've hatched?? How did they so many clutches in su h short a period of time??
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    New Baby Betta! Need Suggestions

    I adopted this little guy from a lady today who couldn't take care of him anymore (she travels too much) I don't really know much about him, just that she got him from Petco about a week or two ago and then realized she didn't have the time to keep pets. He's my first baby Betta and just...
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    Help Drowned Clutch?

    I am beyond terrified right now! while I was cleaning up in the office at some point my mystery snails clutch fell into the tank. I'm not sure how long it was in the water. I don't think it could have been more than a few minutes? I watch the tank a lot when I'm in my home office and the last...
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    Small Bugs Hanging Around My Clutch?

    I have a clutch of mystery snails incubating in my tank, I opened it up today to check on the clutch and I noticed 3 very quick moving little spots. Upon further inspection, they're tiny little bugs. I have no idea what they are or how they got their. Any ideas? What do I do? When I zoom in they...
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    Mystery Snails Keep Falling Over?

    I've raised a clutch of ivory and whites that have been very healthy and happy, but recently I've found some that I have to keep flipping over because they're have a really hard time flipping over or falling upside down. It's almost like their shells are too heavy for them or they're losing...
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    Time For A Bigger Tank! Suggestions?

    I originally had my baby pleco (we lovingly call him Dyson) in my 50 gallon because I knew he was going to grow much bigger - he's about 6 months old now and he's started to grow large enough that he's churning up gravel constantly in the tank a D eating all of my mystery snails veggies. The 50...
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    Mystery Snails Hanging Out At The Top Of The Tank?

    A bunch of my mystery snails are hanging out literally in the middle of my tank and the surface.... It sort of looks like they're playing... But I'm not sure? The water perimeters are testing normal, they're getting plenty of veggies and goodies, and there's nothing new in the tank. Are they...
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    Filter Stopped Working Last Night :(

    I have a Fluval Aqua Clear Power filter for my 25 gallon tank, there was a power outage around 3am last night, when I woke up this morning the filter was not running at all and the tank was cloudy. The heater, thermometer, and airpp are still working okay though. Is there anything I can do, or...
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    Transporting Mystery Snails.

    My mystery snail population recently exploded and one of my coworkers offered to take some of them. How do I transport about 10 snails to an office where they may stay for up to 8 hours. What's the best way to transfer them so that they don't get too hot/cold or crack their shells?
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    Is This Snails Shell Growth Normal?

    I know this may not be the best picture to illustrate my concern but he's been sitting up there with his buddy for awhile so I can't really get a great shot. He's a little young blue mystery snail who I purchased in a group of 4 blues. He's the only one who's shell looks like it's starting to...
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    Aquarium Covers

    Help! I have mystery snails in my tank, one clutch has already hatched safely, but it looks like some of the females are going upward again to lay more clutches. I recently found an escaped snail near the tank. I think she escaped out of the caps in my tanks lid where the filter outtake is. How...
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    Does This Clutch Look Okay?

    I've been hovering over my snails first clutch like a worried mom for about 10 days now and it's making me a little anxious that they haven't hatched yet. Does this clutch look normally?
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    Mystery Snail Keeps Flipping Itself?

    I have a new blue mystery snail in my tank, he came with three other about two weeks ago and the others zooming around the tank just fine, but he seems to be behaving strangely. He's sitting at the bottom of the tank and he keeps flipping himself onto his side or his back. He sat there for a...
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    First Time Baby Snail Mom

    I just came home from work and when I went to feed my mystery snails I noticed one of them has deposited its first clutch on the lid of the tank! I've never had a clutch in my tank before. Can I get a little advise on care or what to do next?
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    Cloudy Tank?

    I'm not sure what's happening with my bettas tank. He's in a 25 gallon with a cleaning crew of snails and a clown pleco. Water conditioning consistently measure fine for Ph and nitrite levels, the heater and filter are both working normally. My tank clouds up almost every other day. Just when I...
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    Shell Colours.

    What's the deal with my mystery snails shell? When I got him from the pet store he was all red and speckled... Now that he's getting bigger he's only got a small patch of red with speckles... Is it just new shell growth? I'm assuming he's turning the ivory colour he's supposed to be?
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    Sinking Pellet Recommendations For Mystery Snails

    I have two juvenile mystery snails in my tank right now why are still getting used to tank life, they just discovered cucumbers and squish. I've been making snail jello for them, but I think they need a little more in their diet? I read in the care guide and a lot of people have recommended to...

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