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  1. NMfishman

    Question Will the good bacteria die at high ammonia levels?

    so if you have a filter that has been well cycled and has lots of the good kinds of bacteria will subjecting that filter to water that has very high ammonia levels like say 10+ ppm kill the bacteria? Eventually will some other type of bacteria that likes the high ammonia start to grow and lower...
  2. NMfishman

    Question ever bought from

    Has anybody bought fish from I am looking at getting 5 of their goyder river rainbowfish, but I want to be sure about if they are trustworthy. I sent them an email asking some questions, mainly so I can see what they are like with customer service and to see if they are...
  3. NMfishman

    Question how many Black Banded Leporinus to get and tank size?

    I was looking at Black Banded Leporinus (Leporinus fasciatus) and it looks like some people keep this fish as a single and some have 2 or more. I was wondering what your experiences have been with this. I would like to keep no more than one or two, but can't decide which. Also would these guys...
  4. NMfishman

    2 new betta boys!

    My two dragon crowntail bettas arrived last Wednesday from Harpua and they are really beautiful! They are an iridescent color so their color appears to change as they move.For the most part their color seems to be blue and the one has some red on his analfin and head. When they go to the back...
  5. NMfishman

    Walmart betta rescue

    I just wanted to tell you about the betta I rescued from walmart last friday. I would have posted about him sooner but I wasn't sure if he was going to make it cuz he looked like he was very close to death when I got him. I got him cuz he caught my eye from about 30 feet away. he is a bright...
  6. NMfishman

    75 Gallon Tank Oscar with RTBS

    Would an Oscar and a RTBS work in a 75gal.? could I add a severum or something?
  7. NMfishman

    75 Gallon Tank RTBS with goldfish?

    I was originally going to keep just Goldfish in the tank, I really love the RTBS and was wondering if they could go together. I know RTBS tend to be bullies but I thought since the goldfish are large they might not be bothered. Maybe if you don't think the fancy goldfish would work what about...
  8. NMfishman

    RTBS behavior

    I was wondering what RTBS behavior is like, I know they are typically aggressive to smaller more placid fish, but other than that what are they like as in are they very active, do they cruise around the bottom of the tank or do they primarily stay inside there cave. Also are they nocturnal...
  9. NMfishman

    My parrots laid eggs!!!

    I gues its not too uncommon for them to lay eggss, but I only have two and I purchased them not even 72 hours ago from the store! That is what I think is incredible! I guess maybe they were already a pair at the store or something. unfortunately about 70% or so of the eggs have turned white but...
  10. NMfishman

    is the iridovirus still killing DGs?

    I got a DG but he died from what is commonly referred to as the DG disease. That was several months ago and I was wondering if the iridovirus is still killing them now as I would like one.
  11. NMfishman

    ACA Cichlid Convention pics

    Sorry these are so late after the show but none the less here they are. First up are Discus as requested and an angel:
  12. NMfishman

    would an oscar be compatible with a RTBS

    Do you think a red tailed black shark would be a good tankmate with an oscar.
  13. NMfishman

    My two side by side 55 gallon tanks

    Here are pics of my two 55 gals
  14. NMfishman

    BRP color when small

    My petsmart has large BRPs for $25, but they have smaller ones that are a kinda muddy-green color for $10. The only thing with the small ones is that they call them blood parrots instead of red blood parrots. Are these the same fish, will the small ones grow and change color or will they stay...
  15. NMfishman

    Pics of my 55 gallon tanks & new fish

    Here are pics of my two 55gallons and of my new angels and DG. I could not get pics of the betta but will later!
  16. NMfishman

    55 Gallon Tank How many angels

    I want angels in my new 55 gallon and was wondering how many you think is a good number. I do not want to breed them and would like some other peaceful fish with them. I was thinking 6 angels, but would like your opinion.
  17. NMfishman

    55 Gallon Tank Stock it for me

    Please give any and all ideas on fish for my new 55 gallon. Any and all fish suggestions are welcome, I think I know what I want but just curious of everyone's ideas!
  18. NMfishman

    55 Gallon Tank Angels with rainbows

    I was surprised for my birthday with a new 55 gallon tank, I was expecting to get an old used 40 gal but got the 55 instead :;bananagreen I know I want angels in it with some other peaceful slow fish, but was wondering if adding some boeseman rainbow fish or swordtails would be all right and...
  19. NMfishman

    40 Gallon Tank What should I do with it?

    I have a 40 gallon tank and I am trying to decide if I should do something with angels and other peaceful fish, or I was thinking a Lake Malawi cichlid setup. Which do you think I should do?
  20. NMfishman

    who writes fish profiles?

    So who writes the fish profiles, because I have noticed that a lot of times the info people give on the forum conflicts with what is in the fish profiles.

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