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    Weird Creature In My Tank

    What are these?? At first thought it was triops. But I found a few of them. Are they parasites? Found 1 swimming around in my aquarium few days ago. And today found another one attached to my goldfish fin. They swim crazy fast. Should I be worried?
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    Is This Fin Rot?

    Hi guys, I can't identify if this is fin rot, or is it normal. tank mates are all healthy. 45Gal tank PH 7.5 Ommonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20
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    Is This Popeye?

    Hi guys, I just got this guy from pet store. I didn't notice earlier one side of his eye is bigger than the other, but both of his eyes are moving fine, active and no cloudy substance, so I'm not sure if it's normal or it's Popeye disease. Currently I put him in 5gal hospital tank and try to...
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    White Fuzzy Stuff? What Is This?

    Hi guys, im a new crayfish owner. My crayfish is fine until week ago i noticed she have white fuzzy stuff growing on her shell. Is this fungus? I tried changing water but the white stuff is still there.

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