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  1. Myboimydudemyfish

    What to do in between quarantine periods?

    I just finished quarantining a pair of snails (drip acclimating as we speak) should I take down the tank and restart it for the next batch of fish I’m adding to the qt today?
  2. Myboimydudemyfish

    Isolating a single schooling fish for treatment?

    I've got a black skirt tetra who seems to have swim bladder issues. My guess is from swallowing too much air when eating. I have since made sure all the flakes sink immediately so they don't have to feed from the surface. Unfortunately, she has only gotten worse. She's bobbing as she swims and...
  3. Myboimydudemyfish

    20 Gallon Tank Bamboo Shrimp Question

    Will a single bamboo shrimp socialize and group up with other species such as amanos, ghosts, and cherries and feel secure? If not can I house a pair in a twenty gallon? I plan on adding shrimp to my tank when I add plants and hiding spots to my tank. Biggest fish in the tank is a docile...
  4. Myboimydudemyfish

    Help Red Eyed Tetra Suddenly Ill!

    Once again, my fish have fallen to disease. One of my RETs is ridiculously skinny, spitting food out instead of eating, covered in a white layer (might be fungus), some spots on its eye (not ick kind of spots) has missing scales, and clamped fins. Not 100% sure, but I think last week it was...
  5. Myboimydudemyfish

    Black Skirt Tetra Has Gill Issues?

    PLEASE help identify this disease. The last time I posted about this no one helped me identify it. It’s gotten worse. This 20 gallon tank is unheated for now, heater should arrive in the mail soon. The tank has six black skirts (including this one), two red eyed tetras, and an angelfish. I added...
  6. Myboimydudemyfish

    Black Skirt Tetras: Bullying Or Schooling?

    I got up today and saw this behavior (video below) which I’ve never seen happen in this tank. Are they bullying this fish or are they just schooling? The alpha of this school is sick so there hasn’t been much order in the group. Water was changed yesterday, there is no heater (it exploded, I...
  7. Myboimydudemyfish

    Black Skirt Tetra Having Gill Issues?

    I have a 20 gallon tank with two red eyed tetra, five other BSTs and an angelfish. The largest black skirt is breathing rapidly and not closing its mouth completely. Upon closer observation, I noticed a clear flap/film on the gills! Anyone know what this is and how to treat it? He/she is...
  8. Myboimydudemyfish

    Minimum Tank Size For This List Of Fish?

    I'm currently planning a community tank, it will not happen for a year or more, so I'm in no rush. I have an idea regarding stock, but no idea of the minimum tank size. When I say minimum, I mean a tank big enough to prevent any territorial issues between inhabitants, provide plenty of swimming...

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