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  1. Giul

    Is my guppy pregnant??

    I would say yes. She has a dark gravid spot and she’s squaring off her stomach
  2. Giul

    Question Molly stays near bottom

    I would try to reduce the feedings and increase your water changes since your tank is still cycling. You have a male so I wouldn’t worry about having lots of baby mollies
  3. Giul

    Help Molly scared of water changes?

    Yeah, she just sounds a little scared from what happened before. Everything else sounds fine
  4. Giul

    Help Molly scared of water changes?

    I wonder if the issue is the water you’re adding back into the tank. When you refill your tank do you use water that is the same temperature? How do you add your water conditioner to the new water? How much water do you change at one time and how often? Also what are your exact Ammonia, Nitrite...
  5. Giul

    Help! Zebra danios aggression

    4 years is a good time for danios! They’re probably stressed because they’re no longer in schooling numbers. Usually people will stock their tanks with at least 6 of a schooling fish to disperse the aggression. So I recommend getting a few more to complete the school again
  6. Giul

    Question Molly stays near bottom

    It looks a little bloated to me, how much and how often do you feed him? Also what are the numbers for the Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates?
  7. Giul

    Fish missing

    It’s possible he died and got sucked into the filter or the goldfish ate him. There have been times where I lost a perfectly healthy fish for several days. Usually they reappear but sometimes they don’t. Do you have a lid? Could it have jumped?
  8. Giul

    Assassin Snails Mating?

    It is possible. We always expect my sister’s were mating and we’d see eggs but they wouldn’t hatch. I got a couple assassin snails in my tank and boom I got dozens. They lay eggs so I wonder if my sister just has two friendly females
  9. Giul

    How to make my shrimp more happy to come out

    Give them time. Shrimp are not like fish, they can take longer to adjust to a tank and you do have quite a few fish in the tank that are active and could be scaring them a little. If you are moving the driftwood and plants just to see them that could cause them stress too. Do you know your exact...
  10. Giul

    I'm Very Discouraged By My Serpae Tetras.

    Agreed, it’s a fat male
  11. Giul

    I'm Very Discouraged By My Serpae Tetras.

    Ahh, I’m sorry. With the new update I can’t see any photos. I’m trying to figure out how to fix it and then I can help sex it
  12. Giul

    I'm Very Discouraged By My Serpae Tetras.

    Im glad to hear all is well! They could have possibly mixed a female into the male tank, do you have a picture?
  13. Giul

    Rescuing A Bumble Bee

    It could help with his fin rot. Ultimately clean water is what’ll make the biggest difference but it may help
  14. Giul

    Noisy Filters

    Good to hear things worked out then
  15. Giul

    Rescuing A Bumble Bee

    Awe! Well I’m excited to see him grow happy and healthy. Please post updates if you can
  16. Giul

    Too Many Bottom Feeders?

    Good to know. I hope you didn’t have expensive shrimp snacks otherwise I would’ve been very upset
  17. Giul

    Rescuing A Bumble Bee

    That’s what I thought from looking at them but the store has mustard gas betas as well as the bumblebee? Then again I can’t explain everything they do
  18. Giul

    Rescuing A Bumble Bee

    I’m not sure. I saw them yesterday at Petco but that was the first time I’ve heard about them
  19. Giul

    Tell All: Cherry Shrimp

    First, get and use an API master kit and a gh/KH test kit. These are vital for monitoring your tank and making sure it’s shrimp safe. Also be patient- let your tank mature and be a few months old to create that biofilm. I also agree with the live plants- specifically moss. My shrimp LOVE grazing...
  20. Giul

    2.5 Gallon Neocaridina Tank

    Wow, I didn’t realize how quickly it soaks up the tannins! I added it to my tank for clarity but I didn’t have tannins at the time

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