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  1. Joshua Drake

    75 Gallon Aquarium Setup

    I usually try not to buy fish further out than an hour drive, but that's just me.
  2. Joshua Drake

    The marble gold angels have had their second spawn.

    Cichlids in general are amazing to watch with their fry. Congrats on the spawn, I look forward to seeing the development of this thread
  3. Joshua Drake

    Angels or Discus

    Angels 'can' be easier to keep, but I've killed quite a few in my experience. You might get a few that are just 'angels', or you could get one like mine that just kills any other angel you put near it, bigger or smaller Discus, however, are very unforgiving from my research and can be quite...
  4. Joshua Drake

    Throwback To Your First Tank(share your stories)

    My first tank was god awful, and it wasn't that long ago (little over a year now). I started with a 10 gallon tank, with 5 mollies, a betta, 2 flame dwarf gourami's, a paradise fish, a bala shark, common pleco and an angelfish. That's right...all a 10 gallon. Everything but the betta died, so I...
  5. Joshua Drake

    Common pleco floating

    It looks like a common to me.
  6. Joshua Drake

    adding a school all at once?

    To answer your original question without going into Stability VS TSS, go for it. 10 juvenile khuli's shouldn't cause a spike in a 56g at all, and you will want them to all be introduced together so that they can define a pecking order and you don't have any issues down the road. If you did half...
  7. Joshua Drake

    my house is killing me! Reinforce floors?

    From experience, if you dedicate enough time and money to build 3 gaming computers, you're going to spend a great deal of time with them
  8. Joshua Drake

    my house is killing me! Reinforce floors?

    Basically, if you're worried about a full 60 gallon fish tank, I'd be more worried about having a full couch.
  9. Joshua Drake

    Jack Dempsey tankmates

    In a 55 gallon I wouldn't put any fish with it at all or you greatly risk the life of the other fish. The jack is going to claim pretty much the whole tank as his and will perceive others as a threat. Treyce107, I would rehome your jack dempsey and possibly your parrot. Jack's need at least 55 gallon to...
  10. Joshua Drake

    my house is killing me! Reinforce floors?

    If my computers were in the basement, so would my fish tanks But you really shouldn't have to worry about your floors with tanks that small. I have a 55 and a 75 set up with no structural worries in a trailer. Even once you are looking at larger tanks over 100+g, you generally want to just...
  11. Joshua Drake

    Tank size

    Definitely. Got a 40b and a friend to help install once I'm ready
  12. Joshua Drake

    Tank size

    One of the fish shops nearby is offering a 220g tank, stand, hoods, lights for $1200, I just have to get some filters and heaters etc for it. Sounds like pretty much the same deal as you, sub lights for corner kits.
  13. Joshua Drake

    GBR tank region

    Mine don't leave the mid-bottom even when it's food time. They'll just wait for the flakes to drop to their region.
  14. Joshua Drake

    Tank size

    You'd be surprised what you can do with a huge tank <3
  15. Joshua Drake

    stocking/compatability questions

    I've got a GBR, a bolivian ram, and a 5" powder blue gourami all in the same tank, happy as could be. The only concern I would have is with a 20, but with a 20L, I'd say you could probably go with a dwarf gourami (there are several different types), a GBR or 2, and a small school of corydoras...
  16. Joshua Drake

    Tank size

    Get the 125. 6' tanks open many doors for you. I had been planning for a long while to get one myself, until the idea of buying a new home popped up in the recent future...along with the plans of a 220g instead of that 125 You can never go wrong with as large as you can possibly support...
  17. Joshua Drake

    What can stay?

    You could add more to the 75 gallon than just an oscar, plus your pleco's should be fine. The big scary part about american cichilds and the size of tank you put them in is once they start reaching adulthood their aggressive tendencies really start to glare out, and if they don't have a territory in...
  18. Joshua Drake

    Is my tank good enough to house an Oscar?

    Oscars will grow anywhere from 8" to 14". I've seen a pair of oscars in a 55 gallon, it wasn't very pretty. The minimum I'd say is around a 75 gallon, even larger if you want company. The issue from these larger cichlids isn't necessarily stunting when it comes to a tank under 100g, it has a lot more to...
  19. Joshua Drake

    First Large Tank- Need advice in several categories! (lengthy post!)

    I used 75lbs of sand for my 75 gallon and it gives me around 3" coverage, which is about what you are looking for. My best advice for sand is to rinse it as thoroughly as you can, then when you actually load it into your tank, put a plate down on top of the sand where you'll be pouring the water...
  20. Joshua Drake

    First Large Tank- Need advice in several categories! (lengthy post!)

    If you're worried about mess, eco complete is about on par with sand. They both make messes. Eco complete is a bit cleaner in the beginning but is harder to clean, sand takes a bit to settle but once its down you don't really have to worry too much other than moving it around from time to time...

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