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  1. RickyRicardo1838

    My 150 gallon tank

  2. RickyRicardo1838

    Making a 2.5 gallon nano planted tank!

    Hello everyone just wanted to share my new project of my 2.5 gallon tank that I made for my guppy fry.
  3. RickyRicardo1838

    I made a mini jar aquarium for my fish!

    Hello! I just wanted to share this jar aquarium that I just made for my fish tank, the fish are intrigued by their little fish tank. Here's a link to a video on how I made it plus a montage of the jar.
  4. RickyRicardo1838

    Brown algae coating all my plants

    Hello, I have been battling with this brown algae that keeps covering all my plants in my 150 gallon tank, when it gets really bad I pull the plants out and place them in my shrimp tank, and the plants are cleaned in a day and then I put them back in. The problem is that the algae comes back in a few...
  5. RickyRicardo1838

    South American Puffer Diet?

    Hello I just bought a south american puffer, and I was wondering if the diet I'll be feeding him is healthy. I have frozen bloodworms that he likes, and he's also accepted live daphnia. I have bladder snails to feed him but when I dropped them in he wasn't interested, granted he's only been in...
  6. RickyRicardo1838

    How To Culture "greenwater"?

    Hello, so I've been wanting to setup a microalgae culture using the greenwater from my pond, but I was wondering if anyone has experience culturing microalgae because I'm not sure exactly how a microalgae culture would work. I know I need to put the water in a container with good aeration and...
  7. RickyRicardo1838

    Planted Tank Outside In Texas?

    Hello everyone! This is probably a stupid question lol, but I figured I'd ask and see if I can learn something new anyways. So I have a bunch of small plant fragments floating in my tank ( blood parrots tearing my plants lol) and I was wondering if I could put these floating plants in a small 10...
  8. RickyRicardo1838

    Pearl Gourami Very Skinny

    In my 150 gallon tank I have a trio of 3 pearl gourami, 1 female, 2 males, and one of the males has been looking very thin for the past few weeks, the other 2 gouramis are looking pretty healthy compared to him. Wondering if it could be parasites, competition, or something else?
  9. RickyRicardo1838

    Steps I Should Take To Get My Dream Tank?

    Well hello everyone! I was just thinking about how I would go about getting my dream tank. My dream tank is a 1000G planted tank, not that I am anywhere close to being able to get this tank but I was still curious about how much it would cost to setup a 1000G, where I would even get a 1000G...
  10. RickyRicardo1838

    Cool Ideas For 10 Gallon Classroom Tank?

    Hello everyone, so in one of my science classes we have been split into groups and each group given a 10 gallon tank that we can make salt or freshwater, I was wondering if anyone has some ideas for cool fish or inverts that could go in there that wouldn't be "boring". I personally don't find...
  11. RickyRicardo1838

    Prawns (macrobrachium Rosenbergii) Don't Actually Eat Fish?

    Well I've always heard about prawns being these really vicious predators, but after observing them for a while I'm starting to doubt that a little bit. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's impossible for a prawn to go after a fish, I've heard of it happening, but I work at an aquarium and...
  12. RickyRicardo1838

    Anyone Have Pet Prawn Shrimp?

    Hey guys recently I acquired a 3 inch prawn (macrobrachium rosenbergii). Was just curious to see how many other people keep them, and if so what has your experience been like keeping them and any tips or things you've learned keeping them? Thank you Ricky
  13. RickyRicardo1838

    Is It Difficult To Breed Congo Tetras?

    Hello well I have a nice school of adult congo tetras with several males and females and I've been interested in breeding them but I haven't seen much information on breeding them in the home aquarium. Anyone have experience breeding them?
  14. RickyRicardo1838

    Is It Normal To Have Fine Particles In The Water?

    Hello, I have a 150 gallon tank that I've noticed has some very fine particles in the water that are noticable when right in front of the tank, however the actual water looks very clean, just these specks of dust in the water. My tank is pretty heavily stocked so I'm assuming it's normal for...
  15. RickyRicardo1838

    How To Modify Drain To Reduce Microbubbles?

    Hey, so the drain on my trickle filter has been releasing a ton of micro bubbles into the water and I was wondering if there is a way to modify the drain so that micro bubbles don't come out of the output. The drain is basically just a hole at the bottom of the collection tray for the water...
  16. RickyRicardo1838

    60 Gallon Stocking

    Hello I'm currently in the process, of setting up a 60 gallon tank and I wanted to make sure my stocking will be compatible. Currently I have 9 amano shrimp, 1 mexican dwarf crayfish, 2 bamboo shrimp, 2 stone catfish, 3 Otos. I want to add 20+ red cherry shrimp in here but I want to make sure...
  17. RickyRicardo1838

    Easiest Way To Seal Holes In Planter Box?

    Hello everyone! I am setting up a new planter box overhead filter for my 150 gallon, but the box has some holes in the bottom, what would be the best way to seal them? Thank you
  18. RickyRicardo1838

    Help Angelfish Gasping At The Surface And Has Ball On Lip

    Hey everyone so at my aunt's house the power was out for 5 days and after this her angelfish has been gasping at the surface a lot and developed a large bump on the lip, she says the fish has been like this for a few weeks now. This is in a 55 gallon tank with a few skirt tetras and a gold...

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