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  1. IceForever

    My New 75 gallon

    Hello everyone, it’s finally time to upgrade the 46b...Raat (my angel) is really getting too big for it, and Petco has the 75s for just $100 + tax so I decided to jump on it; I also grabbed a 29 gallon to use as my sump, while the sale is going on...but anyway...I already am almost finished up with...
  2. IceForever

    First Attempt At Really Scaping

    So my 46b was kinda rushed and thrown together little by little over the course of about a year, but I bought a 20H a couple weeks ago and decided to try my hands out at doing an actual scape...I gotta say I’m pretty pleased with the results, but what do y’all think? I think I plan on using...
  3. IceForever

    Help Excess Mucus On Cories? Fungus? Scrape?

    Any clue what this is? I initially thought it was a fungus, but it seemed like it was just a scrape...nothing raised above the it’s looking a little raised and more like maybe a fungus? What do you think? At the same time, I have a Cory or two showing signs of excess mucus...I read...
  4. IceForever

    Help Ich Or Scrape?

    Sorry I can’t get better you probably are aware, these danios don’t like to sit still :/ I saw it and freaked out, assuming the worst, but upon closer inspection it doesn’t really seem ‘raised’ from the body as the cases of ich I’ve seen, so thinking maybe just a scrape, or even...
  5. IceForever

    Question Light Too Strong?

    Do y’all see how the rotala back there literally started growing sideways? Does that mean my lighting is too strong and I need to rig up some mounts to raise it a bit, or what’s going on? I feel like a lot of my plants should be taller than they are, despite thriving and being healthy
  6. IceForever

    Help Amazon Swords Weird New Growth?

    So I’ve had my swords for a while, and AFTER I started dosing ferts all of the new growth started to come in like this normal and they just weren’t coming in like this, previously, because they had nutrient deficiencies...or does anyone know what’s going on? You can see it clearly in...
  7. IceForever

    Help My Biohome Came In

    So I took a link to a pondguru video in another thread a couple weeks ago, and here we are. I have a 46b, I figure around 40 gallon of water after my plants decor and substrate (does that sound right?). I bought 2kg (I think I need 1.5) of ultimate figuring it probably wouldn’t fit in my penguin 200...
  8. IceForever

    Question Sexing An Angel?

    Some people were saying once they start to mature sexually, you can tell if you take a close look at their papilla, I think? Sorry if that’s the wrong word lol...but I really have nothing to compare it to and no other experience other than Raat. Can anyone tell me if I’ve been incorrectly...
  9. IceForever

    How Do I Going To Upgrade My Filter

    Alright so after seeing these pond guru videos I went and ordered some biohome ultimate to try and achieve a full cycle, or at least help minimize nitrates...I ordered 2kg as my tank is ~150L (46 gallon bowfront, I figure around 40 gallon water after gravel and all my plants/decor). Not sure if I’ll be able...
  10. IceForever

    Question Dennerle Perfect Plant System

    Anybody have any experience with this brand? It’s what my LFS carries for ferts. They seem to be a German company. Hard to find much that I can understand:emoji_joy:
  11. IceForever

    Help Cloudy At Every Water Change

    Seriously, if I change even 5 gallons of my water my tank gets a little cloudy. It’s a white-ish hazy cloudy. Reminded me of when the tank was cycling initially. No other side behave normally/normal breathing, snails, shrimp...all fine... Has anyone ever encountered this before...
  12. IceForever

    How Are My Plants Looking?

    Hello everyone, I’ve had my tank up and running for around 8-10 months now and have slowly transitioned out almost all of my plastic fake plants now. I am a little worried about some of my plants, though, as they seem to be showing signs of deficiency. I started dosing ferts when some of the...
  13. IceForever

    Been Lurking For A While

    Hey everyone, I’ve used this site for research purposes religiously along this 8-10 month roller coaster ride of fish keeping, but first time posting. I currently have a 46 gallon bowfront that is stocked with: 1 Black Veil-Tail angel 13 cardinal tetras 9 harlequin rasboras 7 sterbai cories 5 zebra...

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