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    Betta Care

    thx for all the tips guys
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    Betta Care

    So the other day i was at petsmart and i saw all those bettas sitting in the little bowls and it made me want to get one. So i just had a few questions on how to care for them and everything else. - what size tank should i get for one. -do bettas need heaters - what is a very good food to...
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    lighting question

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    lighting question

    o i ment to say java moss, sorry. i have 15 watts on my 20 gallon high tank and i do not have any ferts
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    lighting question

    the plants i have right now are java fern and some hornwort.
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    lighting question

    This may sound crazy but i was wondering since i dont have a high wattage for my 20 gallon tank. I thought, if i could buy a desk lamp and put a light for a fish tank in it (one that you can buy from a pet shop) and use that as some extra wattage for my fish tank. would my plants grow better and...
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    Discus Collection (56k Warning)

    Those Fish Are Amazing Keep Up The Good Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    20 Gallon Tank My first tank, almost finished!

    The tank looks really cool. keep up the good work
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    20 gallon Plants

    I really like your tank. im just starting to learn all the tricks to aquascaping and so are u . good luck on all your plants.
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    My Oldest Fish Friend - My BNP

    That is such a cool pleco. i have that same cave, it looks really good in both of our tanks
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    29 Gallon GREEN tank. lol

    That looks really cool. im working on aquascaping my 20 gallon tank and i hope it will look as good as yours. do you use any fertalizer or c02 system.
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    Java Moss

    Thx for the help i really want to get one.
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    Java Moss

    I wanted to get some java moss for my 20 gallon tank but i was unsure on a couple of things and had a few questions about the plant. - What are the light requirments and how many watts per gallon would be ideal for this plant. - Do i need to add any fertalizers to the water or do i need to...
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    Dwarf puffer. I never regret buying this cute fish

    CHumzhujun. i was looking at your aquarium info and i noticed your 7 gallon tank is SOOOOOOOO overstocked. The rule is one inch of fish per gallon of water. The maximum you could have in there would be 7 neon tetras. that tank is way overstocked.
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    Swordtail and platy

    k thx for all the info. ill see what i can do with everything in my tank
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    plastic bin tank

    thx i wasnt gonna do it i was just curious.
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    Swordtail and platy

    i just got a 10 gallon to put the babies in and cycling it as we speak. would it have any difference since the female sword is bigger than the platy would be full grown. would he still harass her then. + The female sword is the leader of the whole tank. ( i just have the rest tetras .)
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    Swordtail and platy

    I was wondering, my female sword is starting to look kinda lonely since her bf died of ick. i wanted to know if i could get a platy instead of a swordtail (the swordtail would overstock my tank ) i would get a platy and maybe get a hybrid when they have babies. Would that be okay for them as a pair?
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    I'm not sure if there's anything wrong with my female swordtail. (+ pictures)

    What is the hardness of the water, it could be to soft because swordtails like hard water. My swordtail has never done anything like this before so i just dont know.
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    Question Swordtail prego?

    Yup she is pregnant, i would get her out of that breeding box though. If it stresses her out to much she could abort the birth and then you wouldnt have any baby fish to take care of. I have a pregnant swordtail right now and im waiting for her to give birth. i have a nice area of hornwort in my...

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