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  1. Katie13

    75 Gallon Tank Merry Christmas to Me!

    So as my Christmas present to myself, I believe I'm going to pick up a 75 gallon tomorrow! It comes with a 3" Frontosa. Will the Frontosa for okay in there long term? Don't they need like 180g? If so, what would you stock in this tank?
  2. Katie13

    Sick Fish, No Clue What’s Going On

    This guy is at my work. The levels are 0, 0, 10. I would post the sick fish questions, but I won’t be much help answering them as it’s not my tank. Does anyone know what this is? I thought DGIV, but it looks like it’s spreading to other fish. Thoughts?
  3. Katie13

    Katie13’s Feeder Goldfish Adventure

    So I’ve constantly been seeing some gorgeous “feeder” goldfish. Today, I decided that I’m going to get a handful of them, grow them out a few more inches inside (75% water changes daily), then move them outside to something similar to my LFS. Thoughts on this? Here are pictures of some of what...
  4. Katie13

    Introducing The Newest Member!

    I’d like to introduce the newest member of the family! This baby makes #3 and I couldn’t be happier! I’m still unsure of sex, but I think I’ll be going with the name Teo! I’ll post more pictures when I get it settled in!
  5. Katie13

    20h Stocking

    I have decided to get rid of my Tiger Barbs in favor of something a little more colorful. Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. Katie13

    Shrimp Tank

    What are the basic requirements for a planted shrimp tank? I have 2 2.5 gallon tanks just sitting that I have no use for. Could I use one of them, or would a 5 gallon be a lot better? What filter works best (I'm guessing sponge, but what version)? What temperature? What plants do they prefer? What do I feed...
  7. Katie13

    Gold Ram Breathing Heavily

    I picked up a pair of Gold Rams a few hours ago. They are in a very lightly planted 10 gallon with the temp set at 84 degrees. The male is acting perfectly fine, however, the female is being strange, breathing heavily. It is a newer tank with 50% new BDBS and 50% BDBS from a cycled tank that I took...
  8. Katie13

    Halloween Costume?

    In preparation for Halloween, I figured it would be a good idea to have a poll to decide on my baby’s costume! This will be his first Halloween as he was born in February. Here are my current ideas. Feel free to suggest more! I need plenty of time to get his costume in order as I’ll more than...
  9. Katie13

    Should I Do An Lfs Tour?

    Would anyone be interested in me doing a tour of my local LFS, the Aquarium in Knoxville, TN?
  10. Katie13

    40b Saltwater Tank?

    I am thinking about getting a 40 gallon breeder saltwater reef tank. I would really like to have an Angelfish or two in this tank. Is that possible? Are there any Angels that would work?
  11. Katie13

    Katie13’s 20 gallon Tiger Barb Tank

    I just started a 20 gallon Tiger Barb tank. I hope to upgrade them in the near future, but for now it works. The tank is home to 9 Tiger Barbs, Anubias Nana, Moss balls, and Cabomba. I would love feedback on it! I’ll update this thread as I add more plants to it.
  12. Katie13

    Coming Back Full Speed

    I got back into the hobby on Saturday after only having a single tank (sitting in the closet running dosing ammonia to keep it cycled). I now have 8 Tiger Barbs. I’m planning to go back and get a few more Tiger Barbs tomorrow, but I’m thinking I might get something else too. What would you do as...
  13. Katie13

    What Should I Stock In A 120?

    This is still a couple months out, but I'm planning to get a 120 gallon in the near future. I have some ideas, but I want opinions on which way to go.
  14. Katie13

    Can Someone Sex My Tiger Barbs?

    I just bought 8 Tiger Barbs yesterday. I haven’t had schooling fish in over a decade. Can someone tell me if these guys are male or female? I only have good pictures of 1 so far. I will post the others as soon as I can get decent pictures. Thanks
  15. Katie13

    How Many Tiger Barbs Would Be Max?

    I got 8 Tiger Barbs today to get back into the game. I have them in a 20 gallon high. I plan to move them into a 29 gallon before long, but how many can I keep in the 20 gallon? They seem to take up the full span of the tank so far, so I was thinking 12-15?
  16. Katie13

    What Color Background Should I Do?

    I just picked up some Tiger Barbs. What color background should I put on the tank?
  17. Katie13

    Leopard Gecko Too Thin?

    Let me just start by saying hello to everyone, I've been lurking in the shadows recently, not posting, but I'm back now and on a new adventure! I got my first Leopard Gecko on Saturday! I'm worried that it is too skinny. It's tail is pretty thin. I've offered it crickets and dried mealworms, but...
  18. Katie13

    Ob Peacocks In 37g?

    Can I keep OB Peacock Cichlids in a 37g? If so, how many?
  19. Katie13

    Want To Sell Aquarium And Some Equipment

    I figured I would check with members real quick. I have a 37g complete setup that I’m selling. I’m asking $80 for Fishlore members. I also have a 24” Aquatic Life t5HO Marquis Reef Light available. I’m asking $60 for it. It was used for maybe a month then sat aside. Pick-up in Knoxville, TN, pm...
  20. Katie13

    How Long Can Gourami Live In 20 gallon?

    I “rescued” a deformed Opaline Gourami today. He’s probably around 2.5 inches at the moment. I’m going to set up a 20H for him for the time being as it’s all I have available. How long can he be kept in the 20 gallon before I get him in a 29 gallon?

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