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    why are BP's hated?

    why are there so many people that hate/dislike/wont own a blood parrot? just wondering
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    40 Gallon Tank HELP! 40 gallon tank in bad shape all of the sudden

    video explains it all... notes... i checked the exact size of my tank on a website and it is a 40gallon, NOT a 45. Also this tank has been running for a year and a half and the filter that was in the tank in the video for 2 years.... Thanks for any help! :;z ~binskiboi EDIT: the oscar...
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    Building an ecosystem!!

    I have plans (within 2 weeks) of starting and finishing a 70 gallon tall terrarium ecosystem. It will include 20 gallons of swimming space for neon tetras and some swordtails. The top 50-60 gallons (HIGH) will have many branches and such going up for green tree frogs and green anoles...
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    5 Gallon Tank Land frog/fish terrarium!

    Hello all! I have made a video seeking advice and answers! I have recently made a 5gallon terrarium (50/50 land/water except mines more 25/75) Watch this video! In the FIRST At around 3:00 I start asking questions that I would love to hear from you guys about! At the end I ask for more advice...
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    Help Worried! Help with my ropefish!!!!

    So today I got a rope fish, its about 10 inches. He's VERY cool, and VERY active! There were 3 at my local Jack's store and he looked very healthy! Now I am very worried because I heard they are AMAZING escape artists. (Hense they are like snakes PLUS they can be out of water for HOURS!) I have...
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    Help Hair Algae!

    Hello everyone! About 3 weeks ago I bought a new saltwater tank. I had 1 chromis in and a piece of live rock for the first week, then got a yellow tail damsel, and live sand for the last 2 weeks. My tank has completed cycling and all the params are normal and selinity is 1.028. Yesterday I...
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    Help How do i create waves with my duo!?

    Hello everyone! I recently started a 30 gallon nano cube saltwater tank! I am LOVING it so far! I got about 4-5lbs of live rock a blue/green chromis and 2 black mollies. My 30 gallon nano cube came with 2 (nice looking) power heads which adjust to different angles, and the "Pulse Ocean Duo- wave...
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    Help Can anyone recommend an interesting tropical fish!?

    Hi, I know there is a thread kinda like this for a 13 gallon but im asking about my 35 gallon, or possibly my 10 gallon too if it doesnt look too crowded! I was thinking maybe an angel? I would LOVE an oscar but i know thats out of the question . I was thinking getting a red rainbow perhaps? I'm...
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    Help does my gourami have a tumor!?

    Help! my powder blue gourami is soooo gourgeous. He has this flesh colored small lump right below its lips! It is acting normal, and eating normal. water param's are all fine and all the other fish are okay. could this be a parasite, a tumor? its much looking like a tumor, its not very big...
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    Question Blackfin Catfish Mating - Is This Normal!?

    over the past few days my two blackfin catfish have been swimming highmiddle to the top of the aquarium, my water params are fine! I'm not sure hwo to sex one, is this typical mating behavior? they are acting fine, i just always thought catfish should swim on the bottom of the tank! Help please...
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    Do bettas like bigger tanks!?

    This week im purchasing my beautiful red crowntail betta a 2.5gallon but thought about getting a 10 gallon instead. I've heard many times that bettas PREFER smaller tanks? is this true? I would rather get a 2.5gallon if hes not going to move and make room of the 10 gallon! Thanks alot! (btw...
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    i cant believe its not a saltwater fish! (ideas for me!?)

    arky Ayye! I'm currently making a stocking list for my future 30 gallon; I want to get a few very colorful fish (non-schooling) I dont want any more small fish like neons and such. I am looking for possibly certain cichlids? or other fish that may no be so common (ive heard of the eel tailed...
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    Wow! Crazy Fish Tank Idea!

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    30 Gallon Tank help with stocking

    Hi, I currently have a 10 and 30 gallon aquarium, and getting another already cycled 30 gallon tomorrow. I was thinking about getting discus because I thought they are darling. Maybe 2 diff. colored discus and 2 lemon angelfish? Well, i've been reading that discus are high maintence and you need...
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    Video of dwarf puffer, 35 gallon and betta tanks!

    Decided I would post some videos of my 3 tanks (if you count the betta's as a tank). Right now im psyched cause I get paid tomorrow and getting a 10 gallon w/ ALL needed equipment for only 20$ of ebay! And for x-mas the folks are getting me a 12gallon nano saltwater cube! whooooo! Well here are...
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    Help going from freshwater to salt!

    Hello fishlore! I really want to switch from fresh to saltwater in my 10 gallon aquarium! I currently have no fish in the aquarium and it is cycled already and up and running. I have an outside box filter, heater set at 78degrees farenheit, and a thermometer. I already have a sufficient amount...
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    convert from fresh to brackish

    Hi, I currently have a 30 gallon tank, all parameters normal for freshwater. was wondering how i would convert to brackish (in a few months saltwater). I heard I could get away with no protein skimmer, and only use Marine salt? please help! Thanks! x
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    Important getting puffer today need help

    Hey fishlore members! Today I'm purchasing a green spotted puffer for my 31 gallon tank. and a 1 dwarf puffer for my 10 gallon. what other fish could i keep with my green spotted, and what with my dwarf puffer? (besides their own species) thanks alot for the advice! leaving for the fish store in...
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    clean rocks and sticks

    im going to use my spare already cycled 10 gallon tank to house a puffer. I went to my backyard and found some cool rocks to make a hiding spot. how do i clean these? simply boil them in water for a bit?
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    Help please help! :P

    Hello fishlore! 2 weeks ago i upgraded my 10 gallon to a 30gallon. I have used the "instant cycle" process and been using my 10 AND 30 gallon filter in my 30 gallon. am i ready to put my 10gallon filter back into my 10 gallon? or would that still cause my 30 gallon to recycle. also when i do put my...

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