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    Help Is This A Disease?

    Hello, A week ago i got these oscar fishes from someone who did not want them. Like 2-3 days ago, i saw some white spots on their Pectoral fins and some on their caudal fin. Is this a disease? If yes then what is it? and how to treat it? P.S i have not notice any behavior changes till now.They...
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    Question Regarding Co2 In Tank

    Hello, Is it a good idea if i use my DIY Co2 outlet on the power head? I saw a video where the guy was saying its a good way to dissolve much more Co2 in water than using a ceramic diffuser. Also is this type of diffuser are good for a 7.5 G tank? If not then can u suggest some good...
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    Question Diy Co2 Question

    Thx a lot for the answer. Yup i do have a drop checker. Also i have a 10W light for the aquarium and using Micro and Macro Fertilizer in the tank. Tank is only 2 Months old.
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    Question Diy Co2 Question

    Hello, Today i installed a DIY Co2 system for my 7.5 G Planted betta tank. Currently i set it up for 1 bubble per sec. So i wanted to know, can the co2 be harmful for the betta? I will only turn on the system when the light is on i.e. 6hr a day. Also how many days it takes to see difference in...
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    Question Betta Fins

    Hello, I m sharing a pic of my betta's fin. Can anyone tell me what that thread like thing on that? Should i be worried or i m just over thinking? Also what do u think about the fins? Is it growing good? Thx
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    Question Regarding De Chlorinating

    Hello, Ok so i got a silly question here. Suppose if i change 30% of my aquarium water. So should i use the De chlorinater for that 30% only or should i add the De chlorinater for the full 100% ? I have 2 tanks one is a 15 G and other is 7.5 G. As per the previous answers i got from here, i m...
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    Question What Type Of Corydoras Is This?

    Hello, As the title says, what type of Corydora is this? Also does these guys usually run around every where in the tank? Some times these guys also got to the top of the tank. Is that usual behavior ? Thx
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    Question Do These Praecox Rainbowfish Look Fat?

    Also, they are pretty active. They are running after on another.
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    Question Do These Praecox Rainbowfish Look Fat?

    Hello, Does the praecox rainbows looking fat? These are my sister's. She was asking me about that but i have no idea. If they are fat then what to do? should we fast them? Thx
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    Question Diatoms Algae

    If only i could get some of those here but those snails are not available in my area.
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    Question Diatoms Algae

    Hello, I m having a problem with diatoms algae in my 1 month old planted tank. I tried to removed them with brush but they just regenerate and sometimes doing that i harm my plants(Some are on my plants mostly on grass). Its a 7.5 G tank with a 10W light. I only turn on the light for 6hr a day...
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    Seachem Prime Vs Api Stress Coat +

    Hello, Which one is better? Both the description are similar but the Stress Coat says that its is reducess stress and heals fish. So i m wondering which one to get. Thx
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    About The Water In My Planted Tank

    Thx . Is prime does the same work as stress coat? does it reduces stress for fish?
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    About The Water In My Planted Tank

    Hello, The water supply to my home is from a borewell. So there is no chlorine. Thats why i wanted to know is it safe to add the water directly to the tank? Another thing is, i have a UV+UF water purifier. Using this water in tank is good or not? And which one is better? Thx P.S. i m using...
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    Question Things About Betta

    Thx a lot
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    Question Things About Betta

    Thx for your answer. Mine is a 5 gallon and with 25-26 C temp and as its starting to get summer here, the temperature is increasing later on. is temperature increase is bad for them? If yes then what to do ? Yup i will drop the idea of adding any other fish. I will add some shrimp after the...
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    Question Things About Betta

    Thx for your answer. The pellets are pretty small.I think even micro pellets are bigger than this xD Mine is a 5 gallon, so i m forgetting about adding any other fish...haha
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    Question Things About Betta

    Hello, Recently i got a Betta for my new Planted tank(Cycle complete, its been almost 2 months). The betta is doing pretty good. When i got him, he was in a plastic pouch (It was pretty sad to see him like that). Now he is happy in my tank, always playing around. But as i m new to betta...
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    Question Pleco Not Moving

    Hello guys, thx for your answer and sry for my late reply. Sadly, my pleco died that night. I went and asked to the shop from where i got that pleco. He said that probably it was aged quite a lot. As per him, he had that pleco for like 3-4 years. It was a bristlenose pleco.
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    Question What Type Of Algae Is This?

    Thank you very much for your answer and sry for my late reply. About the filtered water, what do u mean by that? Should i use Water purifier water? I have a UV+UF water filter, so should i use that water?

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