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    Breeding Albino Corys

    Wow thats pretty good how much do they usually give you per corie?
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    Fancy Guppies

    I have guppys in all of my tanks now. I really love them. Got 3 strains going. If you get LFS guppies then they need to be acclimated very slowly because they are stressed too much. Also try buying pregnant ones, the fry once born will not be as frail because they will be born in your tank...
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    Is my guppy dying?

    When i see my guppys acting funny I do a 25 percent water change. If anything it cant hurt them and more then likely helps. Sometimes guppys are just over stressed from the store and it takes awhile before they die unforunately in our tanks. Sorry my limited knowledge helps. Sometimes i will...
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    What do you do with the babies?

    I take my extra guppies to a LFS and get store credit. I have seen people in my local craigslist sell or offer free guppies.
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    Shawnie I just registered for my first online class at a community college here. Its 100% online. Its intro to security management. It starts the 25th i cant wait lol. I hope i have time to do it all. There are so many classes online but they get filled very fast. I seen a class i wanted...
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    high (8.4) PH level, everything else ok. Big deal?

    Dont mess with the PH your fish will adjust to it. Its harder to mess with it and maintain it. Also try to add your frog pellets with the lights off this will give them a better chance at getting to them.
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    I decided to take an online college class this semester after being out of high school since 93. Im working full time and have two kids one of which is 4 so it will be a challenge. I wish i had gone to college out of HS but i chose the Army for 8 years. But when people say you have to go to...
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    greedy death?

    Lol that explains why i thought all my ghost shrimp were dead and then i seen one the other day. I only had 4 but thought them all dead and what i would see was the white body thingy.
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    You won't believe what just happened...

    Ok this post made my day. It just got me giggling thanks for sharing with us. It really sounds like something my husband would do. Glad it was you and not me P.
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    I'm getting a new tank! YAY!

    The fish really appreciate a planted tank and it looks nice. MissMTS is correct try for the easier and low light plants water sprite and guppy grass are good choices as well. Believe me i could kill any plant but those two and java moss thrive. I havent tried to kill java fern yet lol but i...
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    LFS San Diego Area

    I have found that Fountains is a nice place for fish. Although they never have guppies when i go and that is what im into mostly. And i would still buy my fish food from petsmart because its cheaper. Their tanks never have dead fish in them (at least that i have seen). They have a nice...
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    Deadliest Catch Xbox 360 Game

    Ours got the red ring of death too but we had a warrenty so we took it back to Bestbuy and got a Playstation3. Much happier now i think (i dont play it).
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    I bought a trio of guppies and some water sprite with no problems. I also have bought some guppy grass off someone on plantgeek. I am also getting 2 albino BN from a nice woman on for only the price of shipping. Nothing but good so far from buying from other hobbiest.
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    How Do I Feed my Bristlenose Cucumber/Zuccini?

    The peice of cantelope i put in floated to the top and i thought the BN would not find it. But today i seen him hooked on to it lol. He's a little guy still so his whole body fit on it.
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    How Do I Feed my Bristlenose Cucumber/Zuccini?

    Just put a peice of cantalope in with the baby BN and female guppies. Hehe guppies like it.
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    Question baby guppies

    I just keep mine in the same tank with the adults. I have lots of floating plants and plants/hiding places at the bottom. I also have some that are pretty small maybe a week old and are ignored.
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    How Do I Feed my Bristlenose Cucumber/Zuccini?

    I have some cantalop. Do you think my very little BN would like it? Its in with 20 or so female guppies not sure if they would eat it or not.
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    halloween color fish @ petsmart?

    You can look on craigslist. Sometimes i see people giving away mollies and guppies. I think might be a chance to get some color and maybe free. It all depends on your area though. About 3 weeks ago i got some very nice looking male guppies that had a very red/wine colored tail and blue body.
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    halloween color fish @ petsmart?

    You could get male guppys they come in all different colors.
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    Deadliest Catch Xbox 360 Game

    Oh man we love that show. Even my husband who is not so into the fish tanks loves it. I will have to let him know about the game. It will probally be to many buttons for me to play lol im more of a computer game person then console.

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