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  1. zeeter

    Question Do clownfish mate for life?

    They cannot go from female to male. While clownfish do mate for life it is a bit complicated. The clown fish will form their hierarchy of female, then male, then any juveniles. In the perfect world, when any of these died everyone would bump up a notch, with the most dominant juvenile becoming...
  2. zeeter

    Nemo isn't eating:(

    If they're only an inch or so long it will probably take up to a year or so before they start laying eggs. They don't eat the eggs - in fact they'll attack anything that comes near the eggs. They might appear to eat them, but they are just culling the bad ones. On the other hand, they and other...
  3. zeeter

    ClownFish Acting Strange?

    That frequently happens right after a fish is introduced to a tank - especially if they're wild caught. Do you have places for him to hide? If not it could be that he's stressed that he's out in the open.
  4. zeeter

    My Clowns

    I replaced them with a couple of clarkiis and I like them a lot better. They have a great personality. They watch me walking around the tank as if they're begging for more food. Maroons are going good. I have a pair of ocellaris and another pair of black ocellaris. Two tomato clowns, two black...
  5. zeeter

    livestock loss

    It can process 200 gph, however for the live rock to work as a filter they must have flow running over them. The HOB filters only take water out of the tank and put water in. It doesn't provide any current for the bacteria on the rocks. Thus, no biological breakdown because there's two new...
  6. zeeter

    My Clowns

    Well I did something stupid and the red saddlebacks died so let's just leave it at that. Oh - note to the wise - when you set up a new tank don't put the cold water, salt, and mature live rock in at the same time. It kills everything in the live rock and then when you put your red saddlebacks in...
  7. zeeter

    Tomatos and Percs and Saddlebacks and Maroons

    So...since this experience I went to TFP and got myself a 29gl and a 20L, along with two stands. This allowed me to stack the tanks on top of each other. While there I couldn't resist getting myself two red saddlebacks and two allard's clowns. Since the tanks weren't set up I bought a 20L...
  8. zeeter

    Water changes

    Is this ocellaris being quarantined for any reason other than being a new purchase? Like, is he sick? If he's generally healthy then normal feeding is ok, like stang said. Just enough for him to eat without fouling the tank. I'd get some blue legged hermits and keep them in there to pick up any...
  9. zeeter

    newbie from oz...

    Probably too late now, but the things to worry about are keeping the live rock wet. transport it in buckets of saltwater. Have yourself some saltwater mixed up and warmed up at home. You don't need to transport the water from the other tank (other than to transport the live rock) as the bacteria...
  10. zeeter

    livestock loss

    No nitrates? Did you just do a water change or something? Are you feeding them? (Just kidding). What was the tank used for before this? Sometimes if a tank was used for FW and then converted some of the FW chemicals can leave a residue in the tank. Percs are pretty hardy. Weird that one would...
  11. zeeter

    Help 2.5 gallon tank first time saltwater

    I think some of the answers on here are sarcastic. No way you put a damsel in a 2.5. And I'm not sure how you're going to have a sump with a 2.5, either. Using the overflow would probably cost you about a half gallon out of your display tank, and even with a five gallon sump your water...
  12. zeeter

    Water changes

    Time to find those bargain bins in the back of the LFS.
  13. zeeter

    Pair of clowns, Are They Sleeping:/

    Percs are pretty hardy. Slightly less tolerant of bad water than Ocellaris but they're no slouch in the hardiness category. Many people cycle their tanks with them. I wouldn't, but some people do.
  14. zeeter

    Please Use RO Water When Doing A Salt Tank

    Generally, most people whom I've talked with agree that Instant Ocean is the most stable mix on the market unless you want to spend $80 for a bucket from Germany. Studies have shown that of the most common salts many of them vary from bucket to bucket as far as their nutrient levels.
  15. zeeter

    Pair of clowns, Are They Sleeping:/

    Are these percula clownfish? They tend to sleep at the top of the water if there is no anemone. In fact they tend to stay at the top throughout the day unless there's an anemone. Ocellaris tend to stay in the top third of the tank. Tomato complex clowns tend to stay on the bottom.
  16. zeeter

    Question Is this all i need to start my tank??

    I wouldn't put anything but a true ocean live rock in a sw tank. Plain old rocks that you find have minerals in them that can leach into the water. SW live rock is old, dead coral. Don't put anything in a SW tank that doesn't specifically say it can be used in a SW tank. FW fish are used to all...
  17. zeeter

    Question Is this all i need to start my tank??

    Do you have live rock in there now without saltwater? Also, for your filter you need to change out your media if you haven't done so already.
  18. zeeter

    Home Made Clownfish Food

    Never heard of that. What's the gelatin add?
  19. zeeter

    Question Substitute Anemone for clown fish?

    If you want to go off the beaten track, you can get some of those fuzzy balls from a dollar store or something and they'll host on that. Look at this: That's just an idea - and I do not know if that particular on is fish-tank suitable. Some people cut things like this in half and use coral...
  20. zeeter

    Question Substitute Anemone for clown fish?

    Just so you know, clowns can beat the heck out of corals.

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