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    2 Gallon Tank what will live in this?

    i got a betta in a 2gal tank. it was my nephews and he wasnt taking care of it. when i got it, it was really bad. it stunk and the water was orange. it had one blue betta in it. i cleaned everything and put him back in there. all seems really well but im gonna get him a 5gal tank. i want...
  2. J

    betta rescue

    hey everybody. i was just given a 2 gallon betta tank by my sis-in-law. it was the worst ive ever seen. it was her kids and they never took care of it. the poor fish looks sooooo sick. appearently the fish is only several months old but he looks about 100. poor guy. the water was orange...
  3. J

    new plants lets see how they do

    here is a photo of my tank since i got the plants in it. im not going to leave them where they are at, i just threw em in there. i love em
  4. J

    55 Gallon Tank plant id

    i decided to get a few plants for my 55gal mbuna tank. i know they may not do good but i decided to just give it a try and see. the fish looove them. it looks so much mor natural than it did without them. i got them from a local pet store and have no idea what they are. i was wanting to...
  5. J

    diatoms or algae

    ive been having a problem with this brownish stuff spreading through my tank. it is a 55gal mbuna tank with gravel and cichlid stones. it was really bad for a long time. now it seems a little better. i changed to a fx5 filter and the water became crystal clear. it forms on the glass, in the...
  6. J

    where to buy online

    can anyone tell me where a good place is to purchase mbuna cichlids online? im just limited at my local pet shop. thanks!!
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    Funny mbuna needs a medal

    i have a 55 gallon malawi tank. ive had this tank for several months and decided to experiment a little. i added a fluval fx5 and an overflow box. the overflow box is a real pain but the filter is great. i had it all installed for about a week and i lost lost one of my little johanni...
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    Question uv sterilizer

    i purchased a used uv sterilizer to use on my 55gal tank. i have pretty good water but it isnt crystal clear. i really want that spring water look. i also installed an fx5 canister about a week ago. i know this sounds overboard but i just cut down the flow a little and it seems fine. i am...
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    55 Gallon Tank cichlid plants

    doe anyone know of any good plants for cichlids? i would like to add some to my tank but i need some for beginners and that will work well with cichlids. thanks -jeremy
  10. J

    plants for cichlids?

    are there any plants recomended for cichlids? i have a marineland 60in aquatic plant led. i have no co2 system. i would like a few live plants to make my tank a little more natural looking. thanks everybody
  11. J

    Question white powdery substance

    Hey everybody!! i have a quick question about this stuff in my cichlid tank. i have a white powdery substance coming out of the filter. the water tests fine. this is a 55gal tank that has been set up for 9 months or so. i have been doing water changes twice a week at 25% to 50% trying to...

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