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  1. junebug

    White Pristella Tetra?

    It's also possible the colorful ones are males and the less colorful ones are females.
  2. junebug

    My Betta Is Sick

    This would almost certainly do the trick. It's first on my list if one of my nano tanks ends up needing a heater.
  3. junebug

    Fish Transfer Between Tanks Question

    Just leave the heater off for now. Net the fish, or cup them, or however you prefer to catch them, and move them. Then set the heater to 2 degrees warmer than the tank. The next day, raise it another 2 degrees. And so on until it reaches the temp you want.
  4. junebug

    Does Tank Size Have An Effect On Baby Betta Growth?

    Changing the water once a week with a baby betta in a small tank and no filter isn't going to cut it. You need daily water changes.
  5. junebug

    My Betta Is Sick

    Okay let me be clear. 84-86 is HOT, even for a betta. Since you don't have an adjustable heater or one that shuts off automatically when the tank reaches a set temp, your tank is likely experiencing fluctuations. A lot of them. The tank is only 2.5 gallons so the fluctuations in temperature...
  6. junebug

    My Betta Swims In A Straight Line Back And Forth All Day

    Glass surfing is a sign of stress. Probably from being in a tank with so many fish. Some bettas don't like tankmates.
  7. junebug

    Does Tank Size Have An Effect On Baby Betta Growth?

    It's usually more to do with water quality than actual tank size. Does your tank have a filter? What is your water change schedule?
  8. junebug

    Betta Eggs?

    I'm confused. What are we supposed to be looking for?
  9. junebug

    Fish Transfer Between Tanks Question

    Wouldn't it be easier to make the tanks the same temperature and then just put them in? Also, if you're temp acclimating, a cheap tupperware works fine floating in the new tank
  10. junebug

    My Betta Is Sick

    Okay, so your tank isn't cycled. Again is it running a filter? 90 is too hot for a betta. You are really not understanding the importance of temperature stability. It is crucial to keeping your fish healthy, along with your plants (yeah a temp of 90 could easily have killed your aquatic...
  11. junebug

    Fish Transfer Between Tanks Question

    That depends. How long will they be in the bag? How far are they moving?
  12. junebug

    Any Need For A Airstone?

    I guarantee you don't see dissolved air. The point is that it's dissolved. As long as there is sufficient surface disruption, you don't need an airstone.
  13. junebug

    Live Rock Added Too My Freshwater Tank

    You can't put live rock in... it has organisms on it that are adapted to saltwater. They will die in fresh and pollute the tank. How long has the tank been set up? How large is it? What is the stocking? Tanks usually get cloudy because of a bacterial bloom on setup, so if you didn't cycle...
  14. junebug

    Is My Betta A Spoiled Betta?

    oooh I hope he works at a good store. I have a female betta in a planted 5 gallon paradise and a male in a big tank (no idea the actual gallonage) My wild bettas are all in oversized tanks. Goldfish have a 700 gallon pond. So yeah, I'd say my fish are spoiled. LOL.
  15. junebug

    Betta That Won't Flare?

    Flaring doesn't stress them out that much unless it's ALL the time, and a daily or every other day flare session is actually great for them. It's exercise. IF they flare LOL. Not all bettas do. If the OP wants to get the fish the exercise of the occasional flare, and the fish won't...
  16. junebug

    Dwarf Gourami Stressed Then Died

    There is no way that kind of behavior was caused by water parameters out of whack. If the fish was thrashing about, something was burning it. Windex? Alcohol? Some cleaning products have these items in them and they can't be used in fish tanks.
  17. junebug

    Curved Body/spine On Neon Tetra, What Do I Do?

    There are no fish chiropractors. @Lucy please.... help
  18. junebug

    Euthanize Fish?

    No, I would not buy any more fish. Before you do, you need a quarantine tank and your current tank needs to be treated for parasites. The fish you brought home were sick, and now your others could be infected. You really cannot be adding fish to the tank without QT. It's important, otherwise...
  19. junebug

    Curved Body/spine On Neon Tetra, What Do I Do?

    Can we say troll alert? LOL. If this is a new development, it looks like an injury. If not, it's probably a spinal deformity. The fish looks otherwise healthy.
  20. junebug

    Euthanize Fish?

    The Petco LOL. The fish had just come home with you, so you hadn't cared for the poor thing yet. Most fish in petstores don't get very good care.

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