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  1. Betta mommy

    Awkward Betta Moments Captured

    I just wanted to make a post where people can comment or post pictures of odd things their Bettas do. Like from Luka I get awkward stares at random times from him. One time I even told him I saw him once and he swam into his plants to continue staring. Bubbles likes to roll over like a dog, then...
  2. Betta mommy

    Betta Drawings

    I think I have a problem... I'm obsessed with drawing pictures of my Bettas. Painting, soft oil pastels, sketching, colored pencil, all that! I just love drawing them! I could go to draw a picture of a tree and... whoops.... there's another Betta. Please tell me I'm not the only one.
  3. Betta mommy

    My Filters Stopped Working!

    I unplugged my 3 of my filters because I was changing the plugs they were in so I don't have cords running across the room and I went to plug them back in and they're running but no longer sucking up water. Two are a top fin 20 power filter, one is a marine land one its the bio wheel one, I...
  4. Betta mommy

    Fishy Seizures

    I'm going to talk about fish seizures because many people do not know that fish can have them. Fish that have seizures are not likely to recover and live much longer after the seizures occur. But fortunately for you there are a few ways to help lesson the risk of them. Betta or fish seizures are...
  5. Betta mommy

    My Heart Is Breaking

    I trusted a lady to watch after my Betta Comet while I treated her sick Betta because I didn't have an extra tank. He's been there for about a week now and his current home is in a preschool room with a bunch of 3 year olds. The old fish Bubbles had developed fin and tail rot, popeye, cateracts...
  6. Betta mommy

    Redecorated The 10 Gal

    I just redecorated my 10 gallon tank. I've fallen in love with this tank! It has Water Wisteria, Mermaid Weed, Hornwart, Myrio Green, and some old Amazon Swords that were in it before. Along with one four leaf clover. My fish seem to be loving all the hiding places now.
  7. Betta mommy

    Bettas Doing Tricks

    Has anyone ever tried to teach their Betta fish a trick? I'm trying to teach my Rocco to push a fishing bobber around his tank. He's been examining it and seems extremely intrigued. I'm only leaving it in his tank for short periods of time so it won't stress him out, but each day he tries to get...
  8. Betta mommy

    My Dysfunctional Fish Family

    I have a 10 gallon with a gourami, three green Corys, and a Betta. It's the complete definition of chaotic harmony. My Betta likes to chase the Gourami, the Gourami chases the Corys, and my Corys are constantly freaking out. No, they never hurt each other it just seems like a whole game to them...
  9. Betta mommy

    My Boys Are Spoiled Brats And They Know It!

    Does anyone else get an extremely ridiculous amount of attitude from their Bettas!? My boys seem to know they've got it good and seem almost entitled. I can tell this just in their personalities. Rebel is a camera hog, whenever I go to take a picture of the Corys or the Gourami in his tank he...
  10. Betta mommy

    If You Had To Pick One Type Of Plant

    I would like to strike up a debate with everyone just because well, I'm interested to see what other have to say. I already have my own opinion but I think it would be interesting to hear others. So the question is : If you had to only use one type of plant from now on would it be plastic...
  11. Betta mommy

    Bettas Need A Second Chance Too

    I have three Bettas that are rescues. They were living in extremely small tanks with unsuitable decoration and water conditions and I convinced their previous owners to let me bring them home. I know they have popeye, fin rot, etc. they all are currently on medication, medicine not found in...
  12. Betta mommy

    Blind Betta

    I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my new rescue Bettas eyes. I know he has popeye, but it looks like one of his eyes is gone. He's definitely blind, he's running into things in his tank even though he has space to swim, and when I put a mirror in front of him he didn't even notice. My...
  13. Betta mommy

    Moss Not Spreading/ Growing

    I've had Christmas moss in two of my tanks for several months now and the moss has not changed any since I first put it in. I'm using CO2 booster, and leaf zone. Both tanks also have a substrate gravel mix. I'm not sure what to do with the moss. All the other plants in the tanks are growing. Help!
  14. Betta mommy

    Is My Betta Dying?

    My Betta is laying at the bottom of the tank on his side and is frequently swimming up to get air. But when he is swimming he's upside down. He's breathing very heavily. He is being treated for severe fin and tail rot with kanaplex. He is not bloated. He is in a 2.5 gallon hospital tank with a...

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