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  1. KarenLM

    Cory with a red spot behind pelvic fins

    When I turned the bright lights on this morning I noticed one of my Peppered Cories had a red spot behind its pelvic fins. Could this be from mating in the T-position? The fish is otherwise acting perfectly normal - this is the cory that feeds up at the surface each day and it did so again...
  2. KarenLM

    Sick Platy

    Hi everyone. Newbie here. Started a 20g tank 11 days ago using API StressZyme+ following instructions. Ammonia never really spiked nor did nitrites. This morning pH 7.5, NH3 .5, NO2 .2, NO3 between 5 and 10, temp 73 deg. Female Red Wag Platy hanging around the top and seems to be loosing scales...

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