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  1. Kjeldsen

    Axolotl Raising Log

    I'm wondering if that's why they're banned here. I can understand why Xenopus Laevis is, they've been a huge problem in the waterways and can overwinter in warm climates. Mexico City is always cold so Axolotls can probably take very cold water, but I didn't think they were as aggressive as...
  2. Kjeldsen

    Bolivian Ram with a sunken belly but poop is Not fully more

    As long as he's eating and active he should be fine.
  3. Kjeldsen

    Sick tetra?

    Hi It's hard to say what the issue is because the symptoms are generally true of any sick fish, but there does seem to be a reddish area that could indicate a bacterial infection. To prevent him being picked on and to make treatment easier I would isolate him in another container and treat with...
  4. Kjeldsen

    Internal parasites after full round of medications ??

    If the fish are Rift Lake cichlids they need hard alkaline mineral-rich water, which pH Up does nothing to provide. You can economize by making your own with the following ingredients: DIY Rift Valley Salt Mix Per each 5 gallons 1 teaspoon marine salt mix 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 tablespoon...
  5. Kjeldsen

    Axolotl Raising Log

    Fascinating to see them at this stage. Unfortunately they're banned in California. Do you have to use a chiller?
  6. Kjeldsen

    Small Bolivian Ram super shy!

    It may still be getting used to the new tank, but keep an eye out for bullying from one or more of the other rams, especially as they mature. Con specific aggression isn't a usually problem in a tank with lots of rams, but when you get two males in a small group one will dominate the other...
  7. Kjeldsen

    Help White String- Parasite?

    If the fish is otherwise acting normally I wouldn't worry yet.. Could just be mucus or a freeze dried bloodworm. Platies need some greens or algae in their diet, perhaps all the bloodworms are upsetting their intestine. Can you get a pic?..
  8. Kjeldsen

    Help Adf Not Eating

    Assuming the tank is cycled and water parameters are all good? What usually works for me is offering them their favorite food right off the bat - frozen-thawed bloodworms. Yummy. Never had any luck with freeze-dried, but they always go nuts for the juicy frozen ones, delivered via turkey...
  9. Kjeldsen

    African Dwarf Frog And Betta Problems

    Agree that a minimum of 20 gallons is needed for this to work long term. Bettas will go after their food and the frogs get annoyed and start slapping them around. Betta and Frog Slapdown by Kjeldsen posted May 19, 2019 at 10:56 PM I had to put in a tank divider, which the curious frogs found...
  10. Kjeldsen

    Please Help, Fish Flashing, Gasping & Unidentifiable Bugs?

    Not sure what the buggers are, but almost no freshwater parasite can tolerate salt. The fish in your tank tolerate it very well. The plants not so much, but it may be the safest option at 1-2 teaspoons per gallon, at least until you know what you're dealing with.
  11. Kjeldsen

    Help Fin Rot??

    If you have another tank or even a rubbermaid tote to use as a temporary hospital tank it may help. When my Otter Point Jake got tattered fins I isolated him and used nitrofurazone powder, either Furan 2 or BiFuran, which is also an antibiotic. At this point it sounds like water changes aren't...
  12. Kjeldsen

    Tap Water Ph Is 8.0 - Should I Do Something To Reduce It?

    My tap pH is 8.2 and the water is hard and alkaline, with a TDS of 650 ppm. The high numbers usually go hand-in-hand, but not always. It's great for African cichlids and livebearers but when I wanted to keep other species I had to start cutting it with RO. My pH still won't go much lower than...
  13. Kjeldsen

    Sexing Bolivian Rams

    Agree with Feohw and Bandit, but more pics would be helpful.
  14. Kjeldsen

    Adf Acting Odd

    Hi bruizer He's adorable, but ammonia in new tanks is a big problem for frogs because their skin is porous. Less so for danios. It takes a month or so before the filter will take care of the toxin,so you must at least get an ammonia test kit and change the water as often as needed or he won't...
  15. Kjeldsen

    How Do I Make Adf Jello?

    I've made a small batch of meaty, stinky adf jello that went over pretty well. 1. Use water or drain a 3 oz can of tuna into a microwave dish. I wanted it to be as smelly as possible. Should be about 1/4 cup liquid. 2. Add 1/2 pouch (1.25 teaspoon) of unflavored gelatine, let it stand a...
  16. Kjeldsen

    Angelfish Fighting

    It's normal for cichlids to not get along, especially if space is tight. One will usually dominate and pick on the other. I'm guessing that the disappearing dorsal fin is on the stressed out angel, and it really should be moved to a low-stress hospital tank for the fin rot to heal. You'll...
  17. Kjeldsen

    Metroplex + Kanaplex + Furan 2

    Not a fan of the shotgun approach to medicating. On the other hand, the weak versions of these drugs together with the least effective mode of delivery (in the water) means your filter is likely in more danger than the fish.
  18. Kjeldsen

    I Really Wish Api Test Kit Came With Plastic Tubes!

    It works well enough, with some contact paper to dress it up and resist water. lol
  19. Kjeldsen

    I Really Wish Api Test Kit Came With Plastic Tubes!

    I like the idea of that wooden rack. Since I don't have a drill bit that large, I made one out of cardboard that looks ghetto but serves the purpose. At first I made individual racks, but now have the DELUXE model from a long piece of cardboard. ;)
  20. Kjeldsen

    Confirm Dropsy & Antibiotic Question

    Agree that it's not dropsy. At more than 3 years of age, I suspect he may be nearing the end of his natural life cycle, as that's often when tumors will turn up. No treatment will affect them, but I don't think they're painful.

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