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  1. NavyChief20

    Possible (re)seal leak?

    Reseal it. Super easy to do. Plus you wont be wondering in the middle of the night if it is leaking.
  2. NavyChief20

    Question Poly-Fil fiber fill vs. batting?

    I use both in my filter systems. The batting goes in my trickle towers and the loose fill goes in my water polishers. Works well and fast.
  3. NavyChief20

    Best Aquarium Test Kits?

    Hanna Instruments
  4. NavyChief20

    Substrate Question, CaribSea vs Pool Sand

    Best advantage is price. The poolfilter sand is cheaper.
  5. NavyChief20

    Help I'm in a bit of a predicament

    Just a side note, as TDS goes up it negatively impacts photosynthesis. It does not promote algae growth. Just a little bit of science to file away.
  6. NavyChief20

    High pH?

    It is nice to see that some of you actually look things up.
  7. NavyChief20

    High pH?

    That article promotes the use of medication and states that heat alone will not always work. It also assumes the water is not being oxygenated. So probably similar to some people turning off their airstone (which i dont use) for a reason only they can explain. Goose: What i said is that a rise...
  8. NavyChief20

    High pH?

    Refrence for the temperature resistant strains? Again, we have all said medication is key. No one has said otherwise despite your allusion to the contrary.
  9. NavyChief20

    High pH?

    The temperature is also raised and maintained to promote absorption of the medication.
  10. NavyChief20

    High pH? one said it attacks the fish
  11. NavyChief20

    High pH?

    Not sure why you would think it attacks the fish. Thats weird.
  12. NavyChief20

    High pH?

    Read again. You maintain temp while dosing. Its an absorption thing. I'll draw a picture for the chemistry and physics behind things from now on.
  13. NavyChief20

    High pH?

    No maintain temperature for several days then lower temperature a degree every few hours. If you lower temperature now you run the risk of the ich not clearing out. Medicine is the best in the case of ich, however the temperature change is not just due to ichs temperature sensitivity. More...
  14. NavyChief20

    High pH?

    pH of 7.2 is fine. Raise your temperature in your aquarium to about 86F and treat with API ich cure.
  15. NavyChief20

    Help I'm in a bit of a predicament

    Drain the tank, use a toothbrush to scrub the algae off all components. Refill. If you dont have fish in there then thats the simplest quickest way. If you do have fish then just put them in a spare tank or bucket and do a 100% water change as well as the aforementioned scrub.
  16. NavyChief20

    Help Setting up a fish & invertebrate community tank after years away from the hobby.

    Yes 80% Yes 80% Isopropyl and 20% di. Granted the stuff you can buy at the store isnt a huge worry as far as flash point goes. The stuff we use for nuclear components has to be cut with di to keep it from being excessively flammable. It really cuts into any residue including tape glue.
  17. NavyChief20

    Help Setting up a fish & invertebrate community tank after years away from the hobby.

    As far as the shrimp go, you are months away from even worrying about adding shrimp. Basically they need alot of turds to be in the tank first. For cleaning, mix an 80/20 isopropyl to di water and spray down the inside and outside of the tank. Use a scotchbrite pad where needed and a razor...
  18. NavyChief20

    Question Increasing siphon strength in gravel vac

    Get some tygon tubing feom the hardware store, cut a 12" section then connect that to the suction of the powerhead, connect the other tygon to the discharge and route that outside or the toilet or tub.
  19. NavyChief20

    How to Get a Suction Cup to Stick Under Water?

    Are you using the clear ones? Those are usually a flexible plastic and they lose their elasticity after being submerged for awhile. The black rubber ones work much better. If you can get the silicone ones thats even better.

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