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  1. TheEssigs

    $30 Frontosa

    Since this thread orginally ran, I ended up getting a red snook instead. I really enjoy this fish... hes color morphed since I have him. When I got him he was yellow and thought what a funny name for a yellow fish... "red" snook... but ... duh, hes red now. I would like to get a frontosa...
  2. TheEssigs


    Well, I searched, and the best thing I found is this.... that a dwarf platy is a manmade variant of Xiphophorus maculatus. (which, is well, obvious). The search for better more defined information continues...
  3. TheEssigs

    Ok... its Betta time!

    cant wait too see him!
  4. TheEssigs

    Are you an Engineer?

    I said yes. If the plane has forward momentum.
  5. TheEssigs


    I havent heard that... Ill have to do some research. I know balloon mollies are a genetic defect... but cant find much on dwarf platys. Hence the post.
  6. TheEssigs

    Oh my Aquabid betta

    I really like the mustard tail!! :drool:
  7. TheEssigs

    Two LFS surprises

    I like when a employee waits for you to ask a question tho, instead of assuming you dont know what your doing... I dont like when they tell you something you already know without knowing your circumstance... like when you have MTS and pick out 2 fish that are totally different and they act like...
  8. TheEssigs

    Redecorated my Betta Tanks!!

    Great shots! I love the one of Rainbow peeking out on the bottom left. Nice looking boys you have there!
  9. TheEssigs

    90 gallon reef in progress.

    Congrats on the new addition. I am sure he will enjoy his new home! Good luck.
  10. TheEssigs

    Filter Recommendation

    i think I may go with the rena... i'm checking/researching reviews.
  11. TheEssigs

    New keeper- New tank- New fish

    yea... no, the store labled him albino since he was all white when we purchased him, but as he aged he changed color and is mostly orange now... disappointing to say the least. Its hard to get true albino anything here... except for my albino cory cat crew!
  12. TheEssigs


    Carol - Ill post some ASAP, but they reside in the tank in my 3yr old sons room, and hes already out for the night... Ill catch some pics tommorrow for ya! You have any dwarfs?
  13. TheEssigs


    Hey gang... We just bought a trio of dwarf sunset platys. We have many different types of platys since I am a bit of a livebearer nut, but these are the first dwarfs... cute little guys... For those of you who have em, whats your take on them? :;sonar
  14. TheEssigs

    New keeper- New tank- New fish

    Funny that you have convicts and oscars... we have an Oscar too... an Albino. Hes a pig. Not my fav fish, but my husband loves him, so thats all that matters. Hes still a pig!;:barf
  15. TheEssigs

    New keeper- New tank- New fish

    x She was fierce... but, is much calmer now, since we removed the male. She only spawned once, and most... if not all the fry survived! I had problems getting rid of them all. Even the LFS didnt want em.
  16. TheEssigs

    New keeper- New tank- New fish

    here is a picture of my female convict when she had her fry...
  17. TheEssigs

    New keeper- New tank- New fish

    I seperated my pair of convicts. I have one in my 46g and 1 in my 125g. As I said earlier, they are amazing at reproduction and unless you have someone who wants or needs the fry you may have a problem on your hands. Maybe your LFS could take them for you... the fry are serious surviors as well...
  18. TheEssigs

    New keeper- New tank- New fish

    To minimize aggression provide a lot of driftwood or rockwork - and - provide as large a tank as possible (IMO I would put just 1 pair in a 20g, and a 20g long is even better). If you provide fast moving "target fish" (like danios or barbs) that will help keep the convicts from fighting against...
  19. TheEssigs

    Random Food Thread

    A recipe.... This is for my foodies... (especially Dave, Carol & CW )... :drool: I got this recipe out of a new cookbook I just bought and it sounds really refreshing and summery... so, I thought I would share it with you guys. Hope you like it! Strawberry Spinach Salad Strawberries...
  20. TheEssigs

    Filter Recommendation

    Outlaw - Awsome idea. I do have the room, actually. I already have one of those huge rubbermaid storage bins under the stand that I keep extra fish decor and odds and ends in, so I can definately fit another one on the other side to dedicate to an emergency overflow. I think the one I have...

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