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  1. BluMan1914

    New Glofish Tank- Help!

    I agree with Jdhef. Also did you use TSS Plus, or just regular TSS? There is a difference.
  2. BluMan1914

    Fin Rot Won't Go Away!

    Good old water changes every day, or every other day or two. It will take some time, but you start to see regrowth.
  3. BluMan1914

    I Need A Quiet Filter

    Not at all. I use to have a Magnum 350 running on a 20 long. If you want a filter that has a high for, but with a output that isn't too strong, go with an Eheim. 2215, or the 2217. They are pricey. But it may be what you are looking for. Also, with canisters. You can also add a spray bar to help...
  4. BluMan1914

    Fish-in Cycle

    This is what you do. So easy. Make sure that you have Plus ( +), and . Get your tank fully setup. Once fully setup, add the Seachem . Wait 24hrs then add the whole bottle of +...yes the whole bottle. The TSS is a one shot deal, and once you open the bottle, the bacteria will start to die off...
  5. BluMan1914

    Add Tss+ Or No

    TSS+ is the one that you want. Its used to get a cycle going with fish. TSS is supposed to be an additive to keep your cycle going. Its supposed to be used with every water change. In other words...its a ripoff and not needed. Once you have a established your cycle. It's there until something...
  6. BluMan1914

    75 Gallon Or 125 Gallon Aquarium!

    Is this a serious question?o_O
  7. BluMan1914

    What Are Your Favorite Decorations And Plants To Put In A Tank?

    Sand, driftwood, rocks, and of course fish. I like my tanks to have a more natural look, so I stay away from novelty decorations and ornaments.
  8. BluMan1914

    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Im an ok cook. I like to BBQ more than anything. I stay away from baking...hate trying to be precise with ingredients. Buuuuuttt....Im a grrrreat taste tester.
  9. BluMan1914

    Pleco Attacked By Turtle

    Not sure what type of substrate that you use. But I think that if you put him on sand, or even go with a bare bottom, it may help him from irritating his mouth. Just a suggestion.
  10. BluMan1914

    Cichlid Care Info For 180 Gallon Tank

    Don't forget about the Dwarf Cichlids. Also definitely check out the Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika.
  11. BluMan1914

    Just Curious...

    To be truly honest. I don't see a need to test the water once its been cycled. As long as you keep up with maintenance, you shouldn't have to worry about your cycle.
  12. BluMan1914

    Just Curious...

    Maybe once every few months. The only reason I may test is to make sure that the city hasn't changed anything. Once your cycled, your cycled. Unless I do something stupid to crash it.
  13. BluMan1914

    Question I’m Getting A New Tank Soon How Many Watts Should My Heater Be?

    I would go for about 125-150w. My personal choice is the Aqueon Pro Series. Best bang for the buck. Mine is extremely accurate. It's set at 78°, and my temp hasnt fluctuated.
  14. BluMan1914

    Assassin Snails Diet

    When I had them, I fed them frozen Bloodworms. Also, whenever I went to the lfs, I would as if they would like to get rid of a few pest snail, or sell a couple for cheap. I would do that about 2-3 times a month. I would only put in 2 at a time.
  15. BluMan1914

    Sand As Substrate?

    You sure do. I tried using a nylon stocking, but it reduced the flow way too much for my liking. So like you, I'll have to make one.
  16. BluMan1914

    Sand As Substrate?

    It shouldn't. If it does, it will be very minimal. Many people use them, and I've haven't heard of anyone complaining about flow loss.
  17. BluMan1914

    Sand As Substrate?

    If you can, move the intake tube up higher. I had to cut my tube to make it higher in the tank. If you don't want to do that, you can put a pre filter on the intake to help.
  18. BluMan1914

    Sand As Substrate?

    No. Just make sure that you get a grain that is coarse enough that it wont get stirred up easily. I have the extra fine blasting sand. I have to take minor precautions to make sure it doesn't get into my filter. The stuff is super fine, but absolutely beautiful.
  19. BluMan1914

    Sand As Substrate?

    Take your syphon and swirl it right above the sand. All debris will get stirred up and get sucked into the syphon.

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