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  1. Btull3911

    20 Gallon Tank Stocking Help For A 10gal And 20-30gal

    I have a 29 gallon high with 7 black neons. That’s a good number to see them school. I have 8 panda Corries a dwarf guarami an albino bristle nose pleco 5 otos. I would separated the neons from the betta.
  2. Btull3911

    Weird Balls In Tank? Identification Help?

    You can absolutely go a week with out feeding them. IMO it’s the safest way to go on vacation if you don’t have any one experienced to feed them.
  3. Btull3911

    29 Gallon Tank Sexing These Rams.

    The gold one was sold to me as a female but I have my doubts. The electric blue was sold as a male. I think I have 2 males. Any opinions are welcomed
  4. Btull3911

    29 Gallon Tank I Am Thinking Too Much About This??

    What’s the best hand soap to use before putting your hands in your tank? I do use lotion so I try very hard to clean my hands and arms of any oils I can. Does anyone have any recommendations on a soap that will clean oils from your skin and not leave a residue it’s self to get in your tank?
  5. Btull3911

    Found A Single Tiny Pond Snail

    On my 29 gallon I had an algae outbreak “hair algae” and soon to follow a snail outbreak. I added some otos and cleaned the algae. No food for snails. I’m sure I have a few but haven’t seen them.
  6. Btull3911

    29 Gallon Tank Feeding My Pleco

    I have a beautiful albino bristle nose pleco now. With plenty of driftwood and a healthy amount of algae in the tanks. “I have had 4 otos for a while and have never fed them algae pellets and they are fa” What’s the best way to feed him?
  7. Btull3911

    How Much Do You Feed Your Fishes?

    I feed once a day and 2 fasting days a week. Over feeding does not agree with my tank.
  8. Btull3911

    29 Gallon Tank Too Many Decorations?

    Stocking is 29 gallon 1 dwarf gourami 1 albino bristlenose pleco 1 blue ram. I believe it’s a German so I’m probably going to rehome because of temp 7 black neon tetras 7 panda corries Oh and 4 otos
  9. Btull3911

    29 Gallon Tank Too Many Decorations?

    When do you know you if you have too many decorations inyour tank. By too many I mean to much volume is taken up by decorations rather then water. My tank is STOCKED at capacity so maybe I need to pay attention to the gallons of water actually in the tank and not gallons of water the tank...
  10. Btull3911

    29 Gallon Tank Help Identify This Ram.

    He is really happy and I hate that I’ll have to re-home home because I can’t raise the temp any higher for my corrys
  11. Btull3911

    29 Gallon Tank Help Identify This Ram.

    Thank you everyone.
  12. Btull3911

    29 Gallon Tank Help Identify This Ram.

    Thanks you so much.
  13. Btull3911

    29 Gallon Tank Help Identify This Ram.

    Any other pretty rams that are compatible with my corrys.
  14. Btull3911

    29 Gallon Tank Help Identify This Ram.

    Thank you. I have it at 78.5 I was hoping that it was a Bolivian for temp compatibility’s with my panda Cory’s
  15. Btull3911

    29 Gallon Tank Help Identify This Ram.

    I bought this at a LFS and it had no label in the tank. Is this a German blue or a Bolivian ram.
  16. Btull3911

    29 Gallon Tank Christmas Tree Moss Infested With Algea

    My Christmas tree moss is infested with algea. It almost looks like my merino moss ball exploded into my moss. Any suggestions. 29 gallon heavily planted tank. Medium to heavy light on for 6 hours. Low tech tank.
  17. Btull3911

    Help New Tank

    It’s nice to be able to control the amount of light in your tank. Prolonged light can creat an algae bloom. If you get a lot of direct sunlight from a window it can be problematic. 8-9 hours is all the light I keep on in my tank.
  18. Btull3911

    2 Gallon Tank Old Boy

    What are your thought on euthanasia. Or should I just continue to keep him as comfortable as possible?

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