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  1. TalulahMae

    Question Hydra Eradication Advice

    After much research, I still have not found a treatment for hydra that is safe for bladder snails. Since they are so small and I have so many of them, there is no way that I can remove all the snails and killing them would create an incredible ammonia spike. Then I can't change the water and...
  2. TalulahMae

    Meet Jii-san

    He is so cute. I have a soft spot for snails.
  3. TalulahMae

    Question Hydra Eradication Advice

    I have trumpets, mini ramshorn, and at least 50 bladder snails. They are not at all interested in eating the hydra. The guppies are also not interested. I have already cut down their feedings to encourage them to eat the snail eggs, and it's only working marginally. I do love mollies but I...
  4. TalulahMae

    Question Hydra Eradication Advice

    I have a colony of hydra infesting my marsilea hirsuta. Since it seems to be pretty localized to that one plant, I figured my best plan of action would be to remove just that one plant and dip it in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to kill the hydra and remove their bodies before replacing the...
  5. TalulahMae

    Question Is This A Baby Mystery Snail?

    Absolutely do not put copper in your tank as it kills shrimp too, and you will most likely never be able to put shrimp in it again.
  6. TalulahMae

    Question Removing Snails?

    I have a dirted 10 gallon with about 5 trumpets, but I have enough of a gravel cap that they never disturb the soil below. I would think if you've picked most of them out and you are using a typical aquarium-sized gravel over top (as opposed to finer gravel particles), they shouldn't disturb...
  7. TalulahMae

    Snail Id Help!

    Bladder snails and pond snails are quite different. This is definitely a bladder snail. They do not get nearly as big as pond snails and start reproducing at a very small size. I would remove it unless you want 100 snails in a hurry. They will not harm your plants, and mine seem to do a great...
  8. TalulahMae

    29 Gallon Tank Planted Tank Help?

    If you do decide to do a dirted tank, it's always good to go for an organic potting mix because it will be nutrient rich and won't harm the fish. It's also especially helpful if you sift out the larger pieces like bark and leaves because they will float and make a mess. Use just a thin layer of...
  9. TalulahMae

    Question Are Celestial Pearl Danio Cpd’s The Same As Galaxy Rasbora?

    Celestial pearl danios used to be called galaxy rasboras but I believe people have been moving away from that name because they are not actually a boraras species. Makes me think they are just buying from different suppliers and using whatever name they've been given.
  10. TalulahMae

    Question Is There Another Reliable Ammonia Test Kit?

    Accidentally attached a photo of the wrong card. Can't delete now. Sorry folks...
  11. TalulahMae

    Help With New Tank

    It's not only about the number of fish but how big they get and what they need to thrive.
  12. TalulahMae

    How Many Fish Can I Have??

    Finding a new home after you fish are already huge might be difficult, so I wouldn't wait that long. But like others have said, you don't have to be hasty in finding a new home, as they're not going to balloon in to huge fish overnight.
  13. TalulahMae

    Question Is There Another Reliable Ammonia Test Kit?

    How old is your test kit? I've read a lot of people having issue with the API ammonia test giving "false readings". I think they've corrected this by slightly altering the color on the comparison chart. I bought an ammonia test kit from them about a month ago and the color swatch on the 0...
  14. TalulahMae

    Shrimp Breeding Help (bloody Marys?)

    Blood Mary shrimp will have red tissue in the body. The color is not found on their exoskeleton and it comes from a different line than cherry shrimp altogether. If the shrimp has spots on the body that are totally clear, then it's a cherry or they've had their line tainted with cherries. If you...
  15. TalulahMae

    Question Found Something Horrid In My Aquarium

    Get it out! It looks like a dragonfly nymph and I've heard they can eat your fish.
  16. TalulahMae

    Questions About Amano Shrimp And Ghost Shrimp

    I wouldn't try to do a shrimp tank in a 5 gal to start off with. Shrimp can be very sensitive to gH levels in your water, and a 5 gal is going to shift parameters a lot more with evaporation than a larger tank. Just my two cents. I have personally decided not to keep shrimp right now because my...
  17. TalulahMae

    Api Ammonia Test

    Definitely not cycled yet. You want your ammonia to be 0, nitrites 0, and a nitrate reading above zero to know that your tank is cycled.
  18. TalulahMae

    Help Guppy Aggression

    I wasn't chasing the fish for fun. I was trying to remove it, as suggested by others. He has been exhibiting normal pecking order type behavior since then. And so have the other fish. Tank has been running for 7 weeks and fully cycled for a week. Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 10.
  19. TalulahMae

    Help Guppy Aggression

    Thanks for the reply Dch48. I have checked their analfins and can be assured they're all male. Though it did have me worried for a second. I tried to remove him but he's agile and there are so many plants for him to hide in. He did chill out a little after I chased him around so I suppose I'll...
  20. TalulahMae

    Help Guppy Aggression

    I have 3 male fancy guppies in a well planted 10 gallon tank. The aggressor is nipping fins and the other two are hiding behind a large rock in the corner of the tank. I just put them in yesterday. I had expected them to duke out a pecking order but the aggressor has claimed the whole tank as...

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