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    Back In The Game...

    I understand. Still going to follow their growth. Love Corys.
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    Back In The Game...

    Are you selling the sterbais?
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    Help Random Soft Shelled Yellow Balls On Mopani Wood??

    My Mopani ended up getting some of that too. I left it alone, and it went away.
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    Pregnant Guppy - How Long Til Fry?

    I FINALLY have fry!
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    First Cory-centric Tank

    I have Cory Habrosus with my Platy and guppies. They had them at my local pet store.
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    A Reliable Website To Purchase Large Show Piece Ohko/dragon Stone

    I'm not sure how to post links, but I googled the stone since I have not heard of it. If you go to Amazon and type in "Lifegard Aquatics 25G-Dragon Dragon 25G Rock Kit, Brown" that's what popped up. Is this what you are looking for?
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    Want To Buy Cories

    Is anyone on here selling cories? Preferably juvies, but adults are fine too. If so, what kind and what are your prices?
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    What Are These Plants?

    I bought 4 plants today, because they were on sale super cheap. I really like the look of them, but what are they?
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    Question Snail Id?

    Gold mystery snails?
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    Funny Hand Fed

    Thank you. I thought so too. Didn't let him for too long, because I don't know how good it is for him to actually be sucking on my hand and arm. Lol.
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    Funny Hand Fed

    Look at my oto and shrimp. Decided to try to hand feed after my oto kept hopping on me while I moved my plants around.
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    Help Cory Fungus

    I'll try. He swims away from my phone every time. Oddly enough it seems to have vanished. I don't see it on any of them. That can't be possible though since I literally just dosed the tank before posting this
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    Guppy’s Eating Nerites?

    My otos do that to my mystery snails. I think it is normal.
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    Help Cory Fungus

    I have noticed a fuzzy white fungus developed on my cories fins. What causes this? He seems to be the only effected fish at this point. Started dosing seachem paraguard since that's what I have on hand. Curious as to how/why this started. Tank is cycled. Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 5
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    Want To Buy Large Amazon Sword

    Does anyone here sell Amazon Swords that are already large or know where I can find some? Would like it as a background plant for my 40 breeder.
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    Want To Sell Bristlenose, Rcs And Other Tropical Fish Ak,usa

    How much to ship to 95670? Do you have any pictures of the cherry shrimp?
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    Important Oto Confirmation?

    They started doing it a day after I bought them if I remember correctly. Maybe even that day.
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    Important Oto Confirmation?

    They munch on the wafers, shrimp pellets, and NLS. They come to eat no matter what I'm feeding it seems.
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    Pregnant Guppy - How Long Til Fry?

    Pretty sure it's going to be soon now. I see the little white opening underneath her. Not sure what it's called.
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    Freeloading ‘extra’ In Plant Tank

    Have you seen them yet?

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