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  1. Crazed

    Help Growths on pond fish

    Hey everyone, I wasn't sure if it was better to put this in the Pond forum or in the Freshwater Fish Disease forum. However, I figured the diseases are generally the same between pond and tank fish, so I thought this would be the best place. If I'm wrong, please let me know and I'll post this...
  2. Crazed

    How Do I Microbubbles help!

    Microbubbles; help! Wow, it seems like I'm posting a new question every day; I apologize. Today I just filled up my sump and got it running. However, now there are microbubbles everywhere! I have two sets of bubble traps, and most of the bubbles in the first sump chamber are trapped, but there...
  3. Crazed

    Help Some salt not dissolved?

    Hey all, I added salt mix to my tank last night. I added it directly since it's the first time, and to make the saltwater in my 5 gallon buckets wouldhave taken forever. Anyway, I poured 15.4 pounds of Coral Pro Salt into my 70 gallon Oceanic Tech Tank. 15.4 pounds is what the mixing...
  4. Crazed

    Question Foam pad for underneath Tech Tanks?

    Hi all, Well, last weekend, I got pretty much all of my equipment. I decided on a 70 gallon 36x18x25'', and I also made my own sump (max capacity 20 gallons) since the tank came with predrilled holes and a builtin overflow; so, it seemed prudent for me to bite the bullet and go sump right...
  5. Crazed

    Help Thinking about getting into saltwater tanks; some general questions

    Hi all! I've recently become interested in marine aquariums. This site has really been helpful to me, and it inspired me to purchase a couple books which I'm currently reading (The New Marine Aquarium and The Conscientious Marine Aquarist). I've never personally had anything bigger than a...

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