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  1. yasha

    Tumor Or???

    I haven't ruled anything out. I've had the fish in question for a few years and the tank it's in with the other goldfish hasn't had anything new added in over 8 months. Last new fish was added 11 months ago. They were treated with prazi pro 1 time a year and a half ago. Tank did go a little...
  2. yasha

    Tumor Or???

  3. yasha

    Tumor Or???

    A few days ago I saw this bump on my goldfish and would like to know what it is. It's puffed out a little. Fish is acting just fine.
  4. yasha

    Is My 40 Gallon Breeder Setup Okay For My Oranda And Fantail?

    Very nice looking tank. I don't want to say a definite yes but I'm pretty sure the ich with die with no host. I don't know how long it will take. I'm sure that also depends on the water temp. Only times I dealt with ich was in 5-20g QT tanks with only the fish in them. As for my plants I've...
  5. yasha

    Is My 40 Gallon Breeder Setup Okay For My Oranda And Fantail?

    I used the thinnest layer I could while still planting my plants in it. I really don't remember how much I added. I got a 50lb bag of pool filter sand and rinsed it in small batches(adding to the tank as I went) in a 5gal container. I'd guess I used around 20lbs-30lb. I don't have it as a equal...
  6. yasha

    Is My 40 Gallon Breeder Setup Okay For My Oranda And Fantail?

    I use pool filter sand and black diamond blasting sand. I also started out using black and white petco sand and can say it was heaver then the 2 I have now so was easier to not siphon up. I've also used glass gems. You can go with larger gravel like river rocks you just want to make sure they...
  7. yasha

    Keeping The Black In Your Goldie

    A lot of black on goldfish is just a baby color that being said not all are that way but you never really know how they will change. Food, light, substrate, background and age all changes color. Blackmoors should stay mostly black, maybe dull with age. The gold belly is also common as they...
  8. yasha

    Is My 40 Gallon Breeder Setup Okay For My Oranda And Fantail?

    My answer to this question would be no. The gravel looks to be to small. They may not be able to get it in there mouths now but before you know it they will and goldfish are kind of known to pick up gravel in there mouths, where it ends up getting lodged. I've seen to many videos and post of...
  9. yasha

    Strange Trailing Feces

    Any chemicals not safe for fish could make they sick if they come in contact with even a little of them. How sick depends on a lot of factors tho. Water changes to get any thing out of the tank that maybe in there is rarely a bad idea unless you have high ammonia, nitrite or nitrate in you water...
  10. yasha

    Help !betta Fins Getting Stuck To The Filter !!!

    I personally think health fish that are bad swimmers can get stuck to strong filters. It's a lot more likely with sick fish but can happen with healthy fish. My sister had a betta (still has months-year later) that got very close to getting stuck to the filter a few time's It was a hang on back...
  11. yasha

    What Do You Think Of Betta Falls

    I was just about to say on top of this size thing I remembered hearing about betta being pushed from one cup to the next and ending up fighting. I find this contraption cool for something like plants or as a cat water bowl. My cats would love the water fall part of it. I wont do it with the...
  12. yasha

    Strange Trailing Feces

    Your right the questions about food should have been asked 1st. With over feeding mine when I 1st got them I did see some whiter poop but it was mixed with normal looking poop and the fish never acted off. I still used PraziPro + changing feedings so I can't really say which one or if both...
  13. yasha

    Strange Trailing Feces

    I really wouldn't risk using anything other then a medicine meant for the fish. Be it going to a pet store and seeing what they have or ordering something online. There is a lot of different types or fish wormier out there, but some maybe harder on the fish then others. I really like PraziPro...
  14. yasha

    Strange Trailing Feces

    I wouldn't think so. I've always used fresh cloves. Some jar of minced garlic is ok but other have preservatives in them that are not a good idea to use, so I play safe and use fresh. Just to make sure I was clear. I wasn't said garlic alone will take care of the problem, you should still get...
  15. yasha

    Strange Trailing Feces

    PraziPro maybe another option. I've used it on my fish before. Would be cheaper them buying so many boxes of the other stuff I'm guessing and it's safe for plants and snails unlike a lot of meds. I used it to treat a 40g goldfish tank of mine. I didn't have a spare tank and didn't want to move...
  16. yasha

    Would It Better To Keep 2 Fantails And 1 Pearlscale Or 3 Fantails In A 36 Gal. Tank?

    I agree with you. But I think the 2nd part of your statement kind of answers why people overestimate their needs so much. A lot of people dont have the filters they really should for an ovestocked tank or do as many water changes as needed. I think the lack of wanting to care for the tank so...
  17. yasha

    How To Know If Swim Bladder Answer Is Euthanasia?

    As discus said you can/or can have someone remove some air to help. Here's just one of many videos on it. There's also stuff like this next link (no the link I was looking for but there is a video of him making it) It's forr sinking not floating but adding more weight to he bottom butt not to...
  18. yasha

    Common Mistakes People Make When Treating Fish

    I've used just water changes for both ICH (And I'm talking both covered in ICH and just a few spots) and HITH. I've also used a little salt to help with a fish before. Medicines seem to do more harm then good in some cases. Most medicines are to harsh and can weaken the fish not to mention if...
  19. yasha

    Your First Fish???

    1st fish with my family I cant remember. Had betta, oscar, goldfish, angels, community and native tanks. Not all at the same time but don't know the order. This time around I started with a few green sunfish.
  20. yasha

    Use Tank That Previously Housed Turtles?

    Measure the thickness of the glass via the side of the tank would the piece join. The thickness of the glass + size of the panels will tell you if it can hold water. I have a 75g turtle tank meant for water/land turtle and it has ticker glass then a normal fish aquarium of the same size.

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