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  1. TedsTank

    Petco recent $1.00 gallon deals CAUTION!!!

    So I've been holding 2 - 20longs from Petco. Today I decided to paint the backs.....each tank had a crack in the bottom. Never saw that in house and store lights!!!!! When I took them outside to paint bang... it showed up. There were no problems exchangeing the tanks... I give Petco credit...
  2. TedsTank

    New Aventures!!

    Here are some pics of my latest adventures in the year or more of not being here often.... CRS, CBS Tangerine Tigers and OEBTS... hope I got them uploaded.
  3. TedsTank


    Ya just gotta love these guys!!!
  4. TedsTank

    CRS Crystal Black Shrimp

    I have a few extra CBS Shrimp and am offering them for sale. $5.00 per shrimp $10.95 Flat rate Priority shipping (USPS) On orders of ten or more I am giving generous overs to Forum members before I go on AquaBid. My Ph is 6.9, Temp 72F. and they are from a heavely planted established...
  5. TedsTank

    strange Ammonia readings

    I copied this from another post I made so all could see it! Interesting "tid bit" here on the API ammonia test kits!! You must periodically clean the test tubes out well.... not just rinse. I have noticed a slight reading of ammonia and after I scrubbed out the test tubes the...
  6. TedsTank

    Oh No!!

    BOOOOO ! I'm lurking here..........................
  7. TedsTank

    crystal red/black shrimp

    Getting curious about trying some Crystal Red or Crystal black shrimp. All my tanks are set up SA fish so I have soft acid water which seems to be to their liking?? 6.5 - 7 PH depending on my mix with RO water and tap water. They seem to like cooler water which is good with me. Any...
  8. TedsTank


    Was browsing Aquabid today and looked at all the Flowerhorn cichlids...OMG...beautiful fish, crazy prices, and IMO those ugly bumps!!!! Some of the pic really showed the deformities....really over $600.00 for some?????
  9. TedsTank

    Please be safe!! Hurricane Earl

    You guys in Eastern Carolina and the North East please be safe...These things with storm surges etc can be a bit unpredictable at times and Earl is a biggy. I think we in Maryland will just be missed, Earl has started tracking NE !!
  10. TedsTank

    HMF Poret Filter

    Well it has been over a year now and my Poret Filter experiment has been a total success. I have not needed to pull it and clean it. Occasionally I do clean the the tank side of the filter during water changes. It did take a while to get used to losing approx 4 inches off the length of...
  11. TedsTank


    Yesterday evening while checking out my infection we found a face!!!! For real, no fancy touch-ups or anything!!! this was on an old scar that get inflamed by the cellulitus.
  12. TedsTank

    Home sweet home!!

    So after 2 trips to the emergency room and 6 days in the Hospital....I'm baaaaack!!! A servere strep type infection, and Cellulitus, it looks like I won't lose my foot!!! Nasty, nasty. Sorry no pics!! is ugly and probably not appropiate viewing!!!, but good to be home....missed the...
  13. TedsTank

    Be cool...literally!!!

    Temps here on the East Coast going up to near 95 today, 100 by Saturday!!! With our humidity, they say heat index of 108+ Nice to not be using the heaters for a while!! Ouch, and we are driving to Lancaster PA tomorrow for a 3 day visit. I suppose we will stop at That Fish Place on the...
  14. TedsTank

    Too Cool!!

    You guys are all just too cool. We have such a great forum!! Thank you all for joining!
  15. TedsTank

    Pond Plant Pics

    WOW, finally this year my Lotus has bloomed!! They need nearly full sun and lots of ferts!!! And the yellow Water Lily..a regular bloomer. Hope you enjoy...I'm stunned.
  16. TedsTank

    Too Much Info?

    After reviewing the posts this morning, I noticed a MOD requested that we stick to the question that was asked by the OP. I agree, big time on this. We often change the subject rather than help on the question. I have often noticed that we also bombard the OP with way too much info for a...
  17. TedsTank

    Koi Spawning!!!

    Good grief, its that time of the year. The Koi are spawning and tearing up the pool...they are so big, they shred the waterlilies!!! Pond will be cloudy for 3 days....eggs and milt inside and splashed out of the pond. Free eggs....come and get them, before the non spawners eat them all!!!!!
  18. TedsTank

    Koi, Koi, Koi, Koi !!!!

    Today was my spring Koi inspection day and I thought I would share these pics with you. They range from 23 to 29 inches (and still growing) !! Please don't worry, no fish were harmed during this photo shoot....they are my babies.
  19. TedsTank

    Hey Wriggley and MM and all you guys and dolls!!!

    Happy Easter Wriggley!!! from the bro's!!
  20. TedsTank

    A Flock of Cardinals PICS

    CARDINAL TETRAS.. A Flock of Cardinals PICS Here are some decent pics of my Cardinal Tetras swimming amongst the algae. Second pic has one of the male Rainbow Tetras checking things out.

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