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  1. Sequoia

    Would The Lid That Matches The Tank Fit Still If It Was Made Rimless?

    Okay so I know the title is weird but i couldn't think of anything else. So, soon I'm going to be getting a 20g standard and the Aqueon versa lid that fits it. (I would get the tank when I'm ready at the Petco $1 per gallon) And I was going to make the tank a rimless one but would the lid still fit?
  2. Sequoia

    Is Co2 A Must For Planted Tanks?

    So for my 20g that I'll get/set-up in 9-12 months I wanted it to be a planted tank. However, I'm not sure if CO2 is necessary. I'm definitely going to have the plants low maintenance as I just don't have the time for a high tech tank or the funds to do so. I'm going to go for an asian theme so...
  3. Sequoia

    Question Is This The Best Filter For My Tank?

    So in 9-12 months I'm going to be getting a new 20g high tank. The tank is going to be from Petco' $1 per gallon sale so there's going to be nothing in there except the actual tank. And I was wondering if the Aquaclear 30 would work best for my tank? The stocking would be one dwarf gourami, 7...
  4. Sequoia

    Question Possibly Velvet On Betta Fish?

    So I’ve had this betta for about a 8-9 months (can’t really remember when I got him) and I’ve been noticing that his fins look like there’s a rose gold shimmer on them. That shimmer has been there since I got him but I thought it was part of his fin coloration. Plus I’ve noticed that his eyes...
  5. Sequoia

    Best Co2 System

    So I was wondering what the best CO2 system would be. I do have a budget though with the max spending of $35. Lemme know what you guys think!
  6. Sequoia

    Question What’s A Better Co2 System?

    Hey Fishlore! So I’m going to be getting a CO2 system soon and I was wondering what system is better so I made a poll! Let me know your opinions! ( ◠‿◠ )
  7. Sequoia

    When Is The Petco $1 Per Gallon Sale In Virginia?

    It's been very difficult to find out when the event happens and I've looked on the Petco website to try and find it. But alas I couldn't find it. So do you guys happen to know when it is?
  8. Sequoia

    Question How To Transition From Gravel To Sand?

    So in my 10g I’m changing the theme from an asian theme (that looks like a diasater) to an underwater shipwreck and I’m going to change the substrate from gravel to sand. The tank is stocked with 1 male betta and 2 nerite snails that he’s friendly with. So is it okay if I take him out of the...
  9. Sequoia

    Help New Betta Isn’t Eating

    My new betta Mushu that I got Wednesday this week hasn’t really been interested in food. He’s a platinum dragon scale betta that I got from Petco (I know that isn’t the best place to buy a fish but that’s where I can only get a betta fish) He lives in a 5g tank with one nerite snail and the tank...
  10. Sequoia

    Help Betta Fish Acting Funny After Treatment

    So my betta got fin rot and I did an aquarium salt water change every day for ten days. (The water changes were 90% and I lower the temperature to 76 degrees) The treatment’s over and I’ve changed out the salt over time with weekly water changes of 25%. He used super chill and never flare and...
  11. Sequoia

    How Much Should I Be Feeding?

    In my 38L tank I currently have one betta and one nerite snail, and I’m going to be adding 7 Pygmy cories after QT so I was wondering what is a good staple food for them and how much and often should I be feeding them? ( Don’t worry the tank is established already and it has a bunch of live...
  12. Sequoia

    Which Is Better? Superglue Or String?

    So I’m currently working on getting more plants in my aquarium and I want to add Anubias Nana to my tank so I was going to attach it to my bridge in the tank. It has a texture and gaps where I think the plant can attach itself but, which is better to help it attach? Superglue or string? And if...
  13. Sequoia

    Tetra Safe Start Confusion!

    So I just read @Mamajin guide about it but I’m kind of confused about the first water change. If I’m using sand do I not stir it up or do I stir it up so anaerobic conditions don’t start to form?
  14. Sequoia

    My Betta Has Fin Rot!

    So my betta has fin rot and I’ve tried treating it with Fungus Eliminatior by Jungle. ( On the back of the box it treated fin rot.) Amd I followed the instructions on the box but the fin rot is getting worse! My betta lives in a 10g alone, that’s filtered and heated. The temperature is 76...
  15. Sequoia

    How Does Tetra Safe Start Work?

    I'm going to be getting a betta soon I wanted to cycle his tank somewhat quickly and I heard Tetra Safe Start is a good product to use to quickly cycle an aquarium. So if anybody has used this product could you let me know the pros and cons of the product and if I need to know anything before...
  16. Sequoia

    Is The Top Fin Imagine 5 Gallon A Good Fish Tank?

    So I'm planning to get a new betta and after quarantine I was going to place him in this tank, I'm only using this tank for him since I've seen so many reviews about how bad the divider is. His tank will be cycled before he goes in so there will be no New Tank Syndrome. And I'll also be buy a...
  17. Sequoia

    Am I Under-feeding My Betta?

    So I’ve had my betta for over a year and him and I have had some bumps in the road, like sickness and stupidity. I feed my betta 6 days a week and fast on Sunday, I feed twice a day which consist of two different brands of pellets or sometimes freeze dried bloodworms. I feed 3 pellets or 3...
  18. Sequoia

    Would A Nerite Snail Be Good As A “janitor”?

    So I have a 10 gallon that has only a male betta and every week when I do my weekly water change there’s brown algae on the back, side or sides, and sometimes the front. It’s pretty easy to scrub away with algae scrubber but it’s pretty annoying. I was thinking a nerite snail would be good as a...
  19. Sequoia

    Which Is Easier To Clean? Gravel Or Sand?

    So sometime in the future I’d like to set up a new 5g tank for a betta and I was wondering is gravel or sand easier to clean? I’ve used sand in the past and the betta I head was EATING it so I switched to gravel and he had no problems. I love the appearance of sand but I’ve heard it’s rather...
  20. Sequoia

    Good Floating Plants For Betta?

    So every morning when I turn on my betta’s light on he get really stressed out and turns striped and pale but 5 minutes later he’s ok. I think it’s because it’s scaring him so I’d like to get floating plants. So is there any floating plants that are low maintenance and low cost?

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