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  1. jwhorner6

    Convict pair tank mates

    Hey everyone. Been a while since ive posted. Set my son up a 40g breeder tank in his room. He picked out convicts for his tank. So we bought 2 and realized after we got home he has a male and a female. Im not worried about the fry overpopulating the tank as my flowerhorn loves fish fry. But...
  2. jwhorner6

    My 125g planted blood parrot tank.

    125g planted tank: Been a while since ive been on. Here is a quick video of my planted 125g tank. 4 BPs, a male and female BN pleco and 2 small firemouths. The blood parrots are currently fighting over the plecos algae wafers.
  3. jwhorner6

    I love my wife

    So I recently upgraded my blood parrot tank in my living room from a 110 to a 125g. Much to my surprise my wife gave me permission to set the 110 up in our bedroom! It has been a long time since I have had an Oscar so I thought they would be perfect. image
  4. jwhorner6

    Runt blood parrot?

    To anyone who has kept blood parrots...have you ever gotten a runt that just will not grow? I have had 4 blood parrots for a little over 2 years now. They were all purchased about the same size, maybe a little over 1.5" big. 3 out of the 4 are growing nicely with my largest approaching 5" and...
  5. jwhorner6

    firemouth help

    I recently bought 2 juvie firemouth cichlids. Both are roughly around 1". I currently have them both in a 10 gal QT tank at the moment with plans on moving them into my 125 gal with my blood parrots. The QT tank has several rock caves in it for hiding. The one firemouth...we will call him...
  6. jwhorner6

    So who has one of these???

    I want to know who has one of these? And If you do, what tricks can your fish do? I want videos lol. Just stumbled across this and thought it was pretty funny, would love to see it in action.
  7. jwhorner6

    pics of some of my inverts

    I always photography my fish but leave these guys out, so I thought I would throw up a couple pics of some of my inverts.
  8. jwhorner6

    FS: Standard albino bristlenose pleco fry.

    So it is another month and another batch of BN fry. It is a lot of work for me to try and raise these guys and the last batch i raised and sold I ended up having to just give a bunch to a LFS because it was too much to handle. This batch is just now wigglers and won't be ready to sell for at...
  9. jwhorner6

    Migrating trumpet snails

    You all are going to think i'm crazy and I wouldn't blame you. I have 2 tanks that house trumpet snails; my 110g in my living room and my 29g in my dining room. Those two tanks get their water changes on saturdays. Tonight was water change night for my 10g betta tank in my bedroom and my 10g...
  10. jwhorner6

    removing plants and growing BBA

    My 29g endler/rcs tank is being infested with BBA. I have been trying to trim plant leaves, scrub stuff, I have reduced my lighting and even did a 2 week black out of the tank. Nothing is stopping this stuff. As some of you may know who have seen my thread about shrimp deaths, using excel in...
  11. jwhorner6

    Seachem Purigen

    I currently do not use carbon in my tanks. I do feel like it has more pros than cons and I do like the way it makes your water look. But when it comes down to it i'm too cheap to buy something like that, that I need to replace every month. I am really liking what i'm reading so far about...
  12. jwhorner6

    new pics of my babies

    A couple new pics of my babies This is Ophin the boss of the tank This is Julie formerly known as julian until she laid eggs, and former boss of the tank before ophin This is ricky, he is my most laid back BP This is Bubbles, the baby of the group My dwarf neon rainbow...
  13. jwhorner6

    Denison Barbs

    Just wanted to post a couple photos of my new denison barbs. They have been in QT since Sunday and so far are looking and acting great. Can't wait to put them in my 110g.
  14. jwhorner6

    POLL: Help pick my next addition

    So I think I have finally decided that the only cichlids that will be in my 110g will be my 4 blood parrots. They get along great and I just don't want to play the cichlid match making game any more and take the chance of having issues. So, I currently have: 4 Blood parrots 8 Giant Danios...
  15. jwhorner6

    RCS problems!!

    So some of you might have noticed with my somewhat dumb questions lately that I am completely new to the shrimp game. I have had RCS for about a month now give or take a week. Over that month I have had several, probably 3 or 4 shrimp deaths. Also the living shrimp do not seem to be active...
  16. jwhorner6

    Swordtails with Blood parrots??

    Kicking around some new stock ideas for my 110g tank. I would like to add some EBRs maybe but I was also thinking about swordtails. I stopped by a LFS last weekend and saw a tank full of swordtails. I have to admit it was actually the first time I had ever seen them other than photos online...
  17. jwhorner6

    My Tanks

    Did my water changes this evening and decided to take a couple of photos of my tanks. This is my 110g blood parrot tank. Probably not a big deal but this is the first time any of my annubias have flowered so I was pretty excited about this. This is my 29g endler/shrimp tank...
  18. jwhorner6

    RCS compatible shrimp

    So another shrimp question from me. I have some RCS in my endler tank. I have been trying to figure out if there are any other shrimp I can keep with them. I understand you are supposed to look at the scientific name to make sure there will be no interbreeding. I was thinking about putting...
  19. jwhorner6

    Baby RCS??

    I have had several RCS now for a couple of weeks. I am a complete noob to shrimp so i'm just wondering if my set up is not correct. Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed several berried shrimp here and there. My concern is one day i seem them berried, the next day I don't see any...
  20. jwhorner6

    Want To Sell BN Plecos

    So I ended up having 3 more BN pleco babies I need to get rid of. I can post pics of them if need be but I have several threads on here with photos of them. They are $2.00 a piece plus shipping. If you live on the eastern side of the mississippi shipping will probably be between 7 and 10...

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