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  1. FishGirly

    Betta looking bad after 3 weeks of having fish?!!!

    It looks to me like he is fin bitting. I see this a lot in bettas that have really long tails. Some other reasons he could be doing this include stress, bad water quality, or sometimes just boredom.
  2. FishGirly

    Dioaquatics 10g Betta Tank

    I’ve been following you thread. I really love your tanks. Also, I noticed you’re trying to get the algae controlled. I have been struggling with algae as well, and I noticed that floating plants help a lot. It got rid of mine.
  3. FishGirly

    Non Colorful Fish options?

    These are some very nice options! Thank you all. I’m researching each individually to see what I can get. I feel like some of these options I might now find since I’ve never hear of them :D Very cool though! . I’m here searching up fish compatibilities and care and such.
  4. FishGirly

    Non Colorful Fish options?

    Most of my Fish tanks have a black background, so I’ve noticed that white fishes pop. They stand out a lot! I’m planning to redo a lot of them around and I wanted to go all white. I’ve been thinking of a couple of options and I wanted to see what else I can find, that you guys suggest...
  5. FishGirly

    How Many Guppies Per 10 Gallon?

    The tank has been cycled. I have had it up since February. I had a betta living in there which I moved out when I got the guppies. The mystery snails have stayed in the tank since (they were sharing with the betta). When I quarantined the guppies in a different tank, the snails were the only...
  6. FishGirly

    How Many Guppies Per 10 Gallon?

    Yeah I didn’t have time for the vial testing so I had to use a quick API testing strip before going to work, and the parameters were good. I also did a 20% water change just in case. The snails were acting normal and the remaining 2 guppies as well before I left. So I’m really confused about...
  7. FishGirly

    How Many Guppies Per 10 Gallon?

    I think I’m doing guppies wrong or might have the ratios a bit off. I was looking at the stocking options here in the forum and it suggests 4 male guppies per 10 gallon. Recently I went ahead and bought 4 guppies. Two from one location ( since they ran out of the ones I wanted) , and 2 from...
  8. FishGirly

    Plant Benefits

    Plants create oxygen and get rid of ammonia. They kind of work like filters, keeping your tanks clean and algae free. I still use filters in my tanks, but plants help a lot. They also make the fish tanks look nicer and provide fishes places to hide. Some fake plants also hurt fishes because of...
  9. FishGirly

    If Blue Green Algae Still Has Color Is It Still Alive?

    If it has color, it’s alive. When I successfully treated my freshwater tank, it completely went away and I did not need to wipe it away or anything, it just disappeared. The other times I had tried other methods and I would see a little bit of it on the tank ( and it would grow back even bigger...
  10. FishGirly

    Moving My 55g...

    From past experience, I would suggest to maybe put some kind of garbage bag or something on top of the substrate and weight that down with something safe. I say because I used to have dirt topped with sand and then gravel on top on my tanks. When I moved to my new house it was only like a 10...
  11. FishGirly

    Are Guppies Food Trainable?

    i Like to keep it well fed though. This is where I grow out my snails and have all the pest snail in (for my pea puffers). I worry that if they don’t feed well they might start dying out.
  12. FishGirly

    Are Guppies Food Trainable?

    ok So I have a tank set up with multiple mystery snails and other types of snails. Usually I just throw in a couple of shrimp pellets or sinking waters for them to eat. I just got guppies and I try doing what I do in all my other tanks. I feed them first and then throw in the pellets for the...
  13. FishGirly

    Non Aggressive Pea Puffers?

    Yeah I’ve been checking for fin nipping but they just ignore them for now. My pea puffers have never really fought each other either. I got them all together and they keep together and sleep near each other. The fish fry was just something I wanted to try out. Mine eat scuds and so I figured...
  14. FishGirly

    Non Aggressive Pea Puffers?

    I recently got some guppies and it appears some of the females were pregnant. I saw some fry swimming around and decided to scoop them up and feed them to my puffers. They are tiny, newly born. I sucked them into a turkey baster and tossed them into my puffer tank. It’s been 2-3 says and I still...
  15. FishGirly

    Compatible Fishes With Cherry Shrimp?

    Ooof I have ember tetras in the same tank. I just saw more than I have ever seen before out in the tank. Counted about 8 so I’m happy. I had bought about 15.
  16. FishGirly

    Compatible Fishes With Cherry Shrimp?

    Cool they sound nice! I’ve never heard of these before. I’m definitely going to search them up some more and see if my fish farm near me has these available. I keep all my tanks with preset heaters though (just so it doesn’t fluctuate too much). It tends to stay at 75-78F. I have to use...
  17. FishGirly

    Boyds Chemi Clean

    Boyds Chemi Clean Is by far the best treat To get rid of Green/ Blue algae. It’s commonly used on saltwater tanks, but can be used for freshwater. I used it for freshwater. Pros: Doesn’t hurt Fishes Doesn’t kill other algae ( only green blue algae which is a bacteria ). Doesn’t hurt shrimps...
  18. FishGirly

    Compatible Fishes With Cherry Shrimp?

    Yeah that’s what I figured. I haven’t had time to pull apart the filter to see how many are in there but could definitely be housing the rest. I tried to pull out a cartridge a couple of days ago and two popped out, so I just left it alone. The reason I placed it with this betta is because...
  19. FishGirly

    Silent Filter Recommendations?

    For the Tidal 35, it looks really nice but I noticed it says for up to 35 gallons. Do you think it will push too much a female dumbo betta? Same question with the aquaclear 20. Can’t seem to find smaller sizes for a 10 gallon. I’m leaning towards more on the aquaclear, since I had these once...
  20. FishGirly

    Best Way To Get White Guppies?

    Update: I got the white betta :D I also got one one blond guppy. Looks to be female, but might be a juvenile male. Hoping it’s a girl. Also he/she is looking a bit more yellow in color than your picture so I probably got the wrong sort of blond. I couldn’t find any other guppies similar to your...

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