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    Question White (mold? Algae?) In Cycling Aquarium ? Photos Included

    So my new Aquarium has finally started it's cycle. The water was very murky for a week or so but now it is crystal clear. With this though, I have noticed some white mold (or algae?) growing on my filter. Given it's on the bottom part of the filter, it would be hard for me to remove. Would an...
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    Help Cycling Using Seachem Stability (and Fish)

    Starting to get readings after guppies!
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    Help Cycling Using Seachem Stability (and Fish)

    Today is day 7. Been adding it daily. Only issue is I haven't actually been able to test (up until yesterday) to see if it has been working. Apart from the cloudy water, are there any signs my tank has gone through a cycle?
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    Help Cycling Using Seachem Stability (and Fish)

    So 7 days ago I began cycling using Seachem Stability. It did say I could add fish instantly, so I did. Although I now know it's probably not a good idea (for the fish's sake) In attempt to curb the negative affects a cycling tank has on a fish I grabbed some Seachem Prime. The tank began with...

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