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  1. FerretsLover

    Random Thoughts

    Don't worry, i'm used to it too... People massacre my name so badly. I'm a french girl and my name is Claudine, and even in my home (Québec) it's 'multicultural' and english, i work in a Veterinarian Hospital and at least 5 times per day people can't even SAY my name...
  2. FerretsLover

    Funny You Know When You Love Them So Much

    They took a couple of days to settle in, but everyone is sooo happy and swimming everywhere!! Even my little tiny mutt baby (my albini is a female and she had a baby with one of my male bronze) survive the tank change!! I'm sooo happy!
  3. FerretsLover

    Funny You Know When You Love Them So Much

    They now have a 16gal
  4. FerretsLover

    Funny You Know When You Love Them So Much

    Just for the fun of posting my latest adventure.. When i went back to fishkeeping, i was introduce to the beautiful corydoras, i didn't knew those cute little babies existed a year ago. I started small, but you know.. i had a 10 gal in my bedroom and i know they deserved better and bigger so i...
  5. FerretsLover

    Show off your fish tank!

    20 long, Peppered cory/Rasboras/hillstream loaches and nerites snail. I'm in love with them
  6. FerretsLover

    Scary Experience

    Yes one time!! Since then, when i do my weekly vaccuum in my cory tanks, and put my hand close to the entry so i can 'woosh' them if they get too close. My gang is so friendly, they give me kisses and swim thru my fingers when i'm 'swimming' (deplacing decoration for the cleaning) so i have to...
  7. FerretsLover

    What Else For 20g Long?

    Aaah those little pandas... i can't say i much i spend on them trying to build a decent school, all of them passed away wathever i did. In my 20 long with the rasboras i have also peppered cories, started with 4, one passed away with the millions pandas i tryied, and now they are repopulating...
  8. FerretsLover

    Question Peppered Cory’s

    I have a lots of colors with my peppered, Pearl is white and turquoise and Angel and Demon are darker, Angel is almost black, they are all happy and breeding (ahahaha currently have 4 healthy babies) long story short, had a tank apocalypse a while ago and now i decided to give them the Tank and...
  9. FerretsLover

    What Else For 20g Long?

    Maybe a school of rasboras? Those guys are so cute and playful, and the orange/black really gives a nice color to a planted tank. They are more middle/top, and they are pretty hardy!
  10. FerretsLover

    Is My Cory Cat Pregnant, Sick, Or Fat?

    Compared her to the others, does her eyes looks swollen to you? Just asking, i had one bronze who looked like that a while ago.
  11. FerretsLover

    Favouritism In The Tanks

    of my fishies who i love with the same passion, this one stand out. SPOT. He's my first ever baby, i've been taking care of him since -5 days (LOL) and he is know 3 months old. I have a special attachment to him, and behind it's his/her bff, Pearl.
  12. FerretsLover

    Help Cory Missing Fin

    If i had to do one, i'll make sure to do it really on the top (only water, no substrate cleaning) and move slowly around their new home to help them cope with the stress!
  13. FerretsLover

    20 Gal. High V.s 20 Gal. Long?

    I'll say it depens on what types is easier to find in your area.. Bought more than 30ish kulhii, lost them all Bought more than 50 lovely panda cory, one left (again..) Bought 6 leopard cory (in the beggining) 3 original left (Angel (longfinned) her husband Demon and the mistress, Pearl) and...
  14. FerretsLover

    Help Cory Missing Fin

    Look exactly like my girl. I think it's just their organs **Edit*** ooor like others said, female with eggs. She just laid at least 15 since this pic ahaha...
  15. FerretsLover

    20 Gal. High V.s 20 Gal. Long?

    Seems like a nice set up! Since it's gonna be a new tank, make sure to cycle it, play with the decor until you find it beautiful, and add your new pets only a couple at the time!
  16. FerretsLover

    20 Gal. High V.s 20 Gal. Long?

    20 long for the win. Looks more natural, BUT it always depends what fishies you want to adopt. I have a 20 long with rasboras and corydoras, and lord knows how much i love them. They use all the place, cory on bottom and rasboras mid-top. The balance is so perfect i even have 4 babies cory...
  17. FerretsLover

    Share Your 10 Gallon Tank Photos :-)

    my babiiies! I love them so much. Bought them without knowing anything about them.. They represent my ferrets in water. 2 weekly water change, and lots of love ❤ 2 of them cuddle my hand when i have to dive in, and they are always happy to see me and sleeps out in the open!
  18. FerretsLover

    Help Betta’s Fins Are Ripped To Shreds What Can I Do?

    What type of filter do you have in their tanks?
  19. FerretsLover

    Help Schwartzi Corydora Has Weird Growth

    Your tank is just beautiful. It's easy to see that you love them!! Maybe in the back there is some hard to reach areas, and bottom dwellers can get in all sort of things... maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks do your weekly vaccum in those hard to reach places?
  20. FerretsLover

    Help Schwartzi Corydora Has Weird Growth

    It's more of an hypothesis, like if she spend most of her day in the same spot, and let's say there is a piece of really decaying food underneat her, and she lays all day long on it, has a small scratch that normally heals without us noticing, it could be cross contamination because the rest of...

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