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    Picking up baby guppies....?

    Hey there! I had a prego Guppy, when I got home from work she wasnt so much prego anymore...there were baby guppies all ova the tank. I knew it was going to happen some time soon but not this soon. what can I do to get the babie's out and into the breeder box for now? They are soo small, i'm...
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    Male Guppy

    Hey fish lovers just wondering if it is normal for Male guppies to sit at the bottom of the tank?? or is mine sick? :-\
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    Cloudy water

    I did a 25% water change yesturday now my tank water has gone cloudy :-\ how do i fix this? Cheers!
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    I have a preggy Zebra danio, naughty fish!!

    I bought a breeder box, i've got it set up. sould I put some gravel in the bottom of it? she wasnt too happy being in there but she didnt scater her eggs either so i guess i was too late but what I need to know is..... how long will it be till she breeds again? does that depend on the males or...
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    I think I have a preggy Zebra danio

    hey fish fans, I think I have a preggy Zebra danio in a community tank, i only just bought it today, what should i do?
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    frozen blood worms

    can someone please tell me a list of fish that like frozen blood worms and how many fish I should have before I feed them the frozen bloodworm?
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    Tetra advise please?

    Just wondering if Neon/glowlight tetra's eat frozen bloodworm?
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    Zebra Danio HELP!

    i've just done a 25% water change and put the cycle stuff in and now my water has gone cloudy. will my Zebra danio's handle this? is this normal?
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    Random fish quotes

    If it wern't for the fish tank, how would ya know where to put the fish ;D
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    Zebra danio's diet

    can anyone tell me if Zebra danio's will eat blood worms? I'm just feeding them flakes at the moment but the they are omnivores and do need abit of meet in there diet.
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    Convert Gallons To Letres?

    Hey there, i'm totaly new to this tropical fish hobby and am a little confused about gallons. i'm from New Zealand so i'm use to reading letres. can you please explane how many gallons there are to a letre. could you also please explane the meanings of herbivores and all those sort of words...

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