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  1. shiv234


    what kind of light would i need for a 3g planted tank? Probably gonna house some java ferns and java moss with some carpet plant?
  2. shiv234


    Anyone a nerdout fan....Their songs are lit.
  3. shiv234

    What Do You Think Is A Good Country To Live In

    I want to migrate somewhere else when i get older. Where do you guys think? Some countries with good laws, allows you to bear arms(guns), nice places to hunt and most importantly.......HAVE AWESOME AQUARIUMS WITHOUT WORRYING TOO MUCH ABOUT BILLS
  4. shiv234

    Flowerhorn In A 75g Tank?

    Good or bad? Talk me in or out of my idea
  5. shiv234

    Anyone Good In Programming

    i need some help in programming...if anyone is pretty good in it just pm me please
  6. shiv234

    Tank Stand

    Can 2x2 lumber support a filled 15g(2'x1'x1') aquarium...i am not too sure about this
  7. shiv234

    15g Stocking

    I need a new stocking for my 15g tank...My betta has dies so its empty and needs something new...I want something that is colourful Doesn't have to school. The tank has lots of floating plants and a piece of driftwood with java moss and java fern
  8. shiv234

    Hob Filters..

    How would you mod an Aqueon 75 to have a large free space for bio-filtration
  9. shiv234

    Oscar Tank

    i got a 70 gallon oscar tank. Would 1 aquaclear 110 with an internal filter of about 200gph be sufficient. I think it would be sufficient since i get a 10 times turnover per hour. One more question. So 3 panes from his tank broke yesterday and i have him in a spare tank ATM. So to fix the tank...
  10. shiv234

    What Is Going On

    I had these java ferns for about 5 months or so. About 2 weeks i noticed some melting. I contributed that to me tying it to driftwood and switching tanks. But here we are 2 weeks later and it is worse. I think it is a deficiency disease but i am not sure of which ones...Is tetra flora pride...
  11. shiv234

    Sizing Holes For All In One Aquarium

    How would i size holes for an all in one aquarium. We have to make one of my tanks an all in one since we can't have a sump on it. Its 70 gallons and i would like to have 5-6 times turnover per hour. Can someone also point me in the correct direction of a powerhead that will fit in 4 inch of width
  12. shiv234


    Would setting up an aquaponics end up changing the pH of my fish water. I read somewhere that it will over time and make it acidic or so. What are some good plants to grow in an aquaponics system. I already have the design planned out and i will be using clay balls for substrate
  13. shiv234

    German Blue Ram

    How to care for them temperature? tank size for a single one with no tankmates? Black gravel? what colour should i paint the back and side of the tank since it is a bit of a dark fish with lots of colours so i meed a colour that wouldn't class Foods? treats? anything i missed
  14. shiv234

    Aquaclear 110

    I wanted an aquaclear 110 but i noticed in some videos that a bit of water goes over the filter instead of under then up so the boi-media gets clogged easy. And i find thew baskets a waste of time because the holes are all over it so water barely goes down..... So anyone for mods i can make to...
  15. shiv234

    Ro/di System

    If i have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 0 nitrates in my tap water, do i still need a RO/Di system
  16. shiv234

    Funniest Diss

    if you don't know what a diss is look it up. Just diss the person profile pic above you Please don't be extremely rude...this is just for fun. I'll be the firs one to get dissed
  17. shiv234

    Sand Substrate

    How would i go about using sand to grow plants like dwarf hairgrass. How would i fertilize it....and is azoo ferti stick good. What are the nutrients needed for plants to grow in the aquarium.
  18. shiv234


    Is it okay to fully submerge bio-balls? Do they work better in a trickle tower than in a fully submerged filter
  19. shiv234

    Cory Catfish Identification

    identify this for me What kind of cories are they?
  20. shiv234

    70 Gallon Stocking

    I have a 48x18x18 tank and want to stock it as a community. Wt will be planted with dwarf hairgrass and rotala rotundifolia. What are some good fishes. I think i might put a discus or angel for a centerpiece fish and the stocking has to go around them. Are ther any other large centerpiece fish...

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