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  1. Hubble Tea

    Anyone With Experience With Water Clover?

    I want water clover as an emergent plant but how do I prevent it from getting too tall or taking over? Apparently it grows in thick but I dont wan't that. I'm doing a walstad 2.5.
  2. Hubble Tea

    Shallow Emergent Plant Suggestions For 2.5 Gallon

    Will not be an only 1 plant species tank. Most will be fully aquatic but I feel like it looks kind of incomplete without emergent plants. Anyone with experience with water clover?
  3. Hubble Tea

    Suggestions For Small Plants That Breach The Waters Surface?

    i think they are called amphibious plants but I'm not sure. I really like them and would love to get some. I am setting up 2 planted 10 gallons, 1 planted 20 gallon, and 1 planted 2.5 gallon. I saw some adorable clover looking plants in a 2.5 and it didn't look crowded at all!! I would show a...
  4. Hubble Tea

    Experience With Walstad Method?

    if anyone has experience with the walstad method please share tips are tricks so I don't have to learn the hard way.
  5. Hubble Tea

    Is Gh And Ph The Same

    Is Ph the same as GH or is there a convertor? I wan't a Ph of 6-7 but I don't want a Gh below 4. I don't know if they are the same thing though.
  6. Hubble Tea

    Experience With Lowering Ph With Bogwood And Peatballs?

    I am setting up 2 betta tanks and since my tap water Ph comes out at around 7.2-8 and bettas need the Ph perferably around 6-6.5 I want to use peatballs/granuales and/or bogwood. Does anyone have experience with this? How low will the Ph go? Would adding both peatballs/granuals and bogwood make...
  7. Hubble Tea

    Sick Endler Guppies Swimming Tilted

    So long story short my 4 endler guppies are sick. I have 3 relativaley healthy males and 1 female that is sort of like a biological indicator. The ammonia is out of wack and I am treating for fungus. Is it normal for sick endler guppies to swim tilted? Not just when the males are courting the...
  8. Hubble Tea

    Question About Plant Nutrients

    so i am reading the ecology of the planted aquarium and im not done but i dont think this question will be answered? I know that plant nutrients come from the soil and fish food/waste but when the nutrients in the soil run out is there any natural replenishing of the nutrients?
  9. Hubble Tea

    4 Guppies In Ten Gallon With 0.5 Ppm Ammonia. Will They Be Okay While Im At School?

    So I have 4 guppies in a 10 gallon with 0.5 ppm ammonia ( anything higher than 0.05 ppm can be toxic ) and I forgot to to take them out of the tank before I went to school. I'll be at school until 5:00-5:30. It is 8:00 right now. Will they be okay? I just want peace of mind.
  10. Hubble Tea

    What Plant Is This?

    i completely forgot... which makes proper care for it a bit difficult.
  11. Hubble Tea

    Wild Betta Care?

    I want a wild betta one day in the future. I was thinking wild betta splendens or betta macrostoma. If there is an easier betta to care for please tell me! I was also thinking breeding betta macrostoma would be fun since they are mouth breeders. I heard betta macrostoma could be kept in pairs...
  12. Hubble Tea

    Plant Ideas For 20 Gal Natural Betta Tank And Others

    Gonna do the walstad method my betta who will go in the 20 gal ( being cleaned, still need to put in substrate and everything. ) is currently in a 2.5 gal. Kinda worried because I don't have many plants and once the water lily outgrows the tank ( already very close ) the bioload might be too...
  13. Hubble Tea

    Dwarf Mexican Crayfish Care Guide?

    I've been seeing a lot of conflicting info about the, mostly about tank size. If anyone could give a consise care guide that would be great! I have some experience with crayfish ( my sister has one ) so I know about the obvious stuff ( substrate, plants have to be hardy or no plants, they eat...
  14. Hubble Tea

    Raised Scales, And Fungus, On Guppy. Want To Try A Salt Bath

    So I have a sick endler guppy, she barely eats. She has fungus on one side, and her scales are raised on the one sided fungus but not by much. I heard a salt bath can help but I don't know how. If anyone has any advice that would be great too... dont have any pictures, its all on my phone...
  15. Hubble Tea

    Finrot Left, But Part Of The Tail Didnt Come Back.

    The finrot is gone, but it as been months and the fin hasnt grown back. I cant show pictres, but it is a fully developed tail of a half-sun betta, but the caudal fin is in more of a box shape. its tipped with blue, and there are no clear spots. Ive had my betta for ~8 months. He is well taken...
  16. Hubble Tea

    Water Conditioner

    whats all in it? I’m assuming DOC ( dissolved organic carbon ) for the heavy metals but what about everything else? Also where does DOC come from?
  17. Hubble Tea

    In Search Of

    in search of a small plant that can grow fast to a larger size, is hardy, Is a good beginner plant, and is good for fish to hide in inside of a cup. Like a betta. I’m thinking a type of Java fern but that grows pretty slow. NEEDLESS NOTE: I’m not keeping bettas in cups myself, nor am I...
  18. Hubble Tea

    Garlic Spray?

    Feeling like feeding my betta flightless fruit flies soon, but thats semi irrelivent. I wanted to spray them with garlic spray to encourage him to eat the new strange food. How would I make that? I'm assumig soaking garlic cloves in water. If someone could slip me some simple instructions that...
  19. Hubble Tea

    Babies? Colors? Curls?

    SO I have 3 questions. 1. Can I keep a baby betta and everything be okay? I am no beginner. I am okay with feeding live and frozen ( been doing it for a while ), and I understamd that the temp needs to be a 82F. Can you keep a baby betta like you would an adult but with more nutrition? A short...
  20. Hubble Tea

    Wild Bettas?

    what do bettas eat in the wild? I've heard bugs that fall on the water and I've heard larvae. Whats right?

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