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  1. AllieSten

    Dwarf Gourami Stressed Then Died

    It is hard to get healthy DG’s from a big box store. I would be sure that your tank is heated, filtered and cycled. Dwarf gouramis can tolerate temps from 72-82. So a temp of 76 would be about midrange. Most cories can tolerate a temp of 75-76, except pepper cories who need low 70’s. I would...
  2. AllieSten

    Curved Body/spine On Neon Tetra, What Do I Do?

    @AustinS sorry you got caught up in things. Didn’t mean for your post to get lost in the chaos. Definitely keep an eye on your guy, to be sure it doesn’t get any worse. And like someone else suggested, do some research on Neon Tetra Disease so you know what to watch for.
  3. AllieSten

    Curved Body/spine On Neon Tetra, What Do I Do?

    @Lucy you are here. This is clearly a troll. I mean who has ever heard of a spinal adjustment or cosmetic surgery on a neon Tetra. Let alone at a LFS. I mean seriously?! Why do we need to report it, if you can CLEARLY see what is happening?!
  4. AllieSten

    Nitrites Won’t Zero On Subtropical Tank

    @icydove that isn’t necessarily true about the temperature killing bacteria. A higher temp will make the process go quicker, so that is up to you. I would dose your ammonia up to 1ppm and see if that helps. Are you using bottled bacteria? If you aren’t using bottled bacteria it can take 6-8...
  5. AllieSten

    What Plant Would Look Good?

    Unless you are using pressurized CO2, you won’t be able to get a lush carpeting plant to be successful. If you want color the Alternanthera Reinickii (AR) is a nice pink plant. Along with the ludwigia repens will add color and movement. You should use liquid fertilizers too. It will help...
  6. AllieSten

    This Much Fin Rot In 1 Day?!

    Water changes are the best remedy for fin rot too. Not just for tail biting. His tail looks identical to what my fish looked like when he was tail biting, btw It is impossible to give a 100% diagnosis off a picture. Especially a blurry picture. Always start with daily water changes for all...
  7. AllieSten

    Snail Jello Opinions

    The only thing I would do different next time is to add some sort of protein. Baby food chicken or beef is already puréed and you can add right into the mix. Otherwise it looks good!
  8. AllieSten

    Ph Dropping

    Fin rot is easily cured with daily water changes. I would do everyday 30% or every other day 50% for 7 days and see if it heals up. Keep an eye on them to see that no other fish is nipping at their tails.
  9. AllieSten

    Believe Or Not?

    Salt isn’t necessary for any freshwater fish. I wouldn’t add it at all. What do you think the salt will do?
  10. AllieSten

    New 40 Gallon, Help With Stocking Please!

    I wouldn’t do 10 corydoras aeneus in a 40 gallon. They get huge and reproduce. I would do 6 max, and then see if you get babies. Plus they do like cooler temps. Closer to 23-24C. I would do C. Sterbai instead. They are a bit smaller and like warmer temps.
  11. AllieSten

    Low Gh & Kh

    I don’t know if you have this product over there. But Salty Shrimp Mineral gH/kH+ should be perfect. It raises both your kH and gH with one product. It is easier and you can adjust the dosage to fit your needs. If you can’t get this product I would go with Seachem Alkaline Buffer and Seachem...
  12. AllieSten

    Heater That Won't Cook My Fish?

    At 29 gallons you shouldn’t need 2 heaters, but I would do 2 heaters on any tanks larger than that. It helps to distribute the work between 2 heaters.
  13. AllieSten

    Plants Doing Bad After Water Changes - Complete Confusion

    What sort of lighting do you have on the tanks? High doses of Ammonia can affect your plants. How high are you dosing your tank? I doubt it is your tap water killing your plants honestly. It is very normal to have plant melt early on in the process. I would be sure that you have adequate...
  14. AllieSten

    What Fish Is This?

    That doesn’t look like a comet goldfish. Can you get a picture of it inside a tank? It’s hard to determine with seeing it out of the water. @chromedome52
  15. AllieSten

    This Much Fin Rot In 1 Day?!

    To me that looks like tail biting, not fin rot. I wouldn’t do antibiotics right away. Not unless your fish is acting different. No eating or lethargic. Difficulty swimming. Is the tank heated, filtered and cycled? What are your water parameters? I would start out by doing daily 50% water...
  16. AllieSten

    Heater That Won't Cook My Fish?

    I have used all 3 of the top ones. Aqueon, eheim, and fluval. I would go with the Aqueon. It is very rare that a heater actually harms a fish. You have to keep them in good repair, and they will work just fine. The Eheim are hard to calibrate, but work fine too. The Aqueon have easy...
  17. AllieSten

    10 Gallon Glofish Tank Build

    You could do a betta, that’s a good fish for a 10g. Also there are celestial pearl danios or ember tetras. You could do 3 male guppies. Don’t add all these together. If it was me, I would do 3 male guppies and 6 dwarf corydoras. Either the corydoras pygmaeus or corydoras hastatus. That would...
  18. AllieSten

    Sick Betta! Need Help Asap Please!

    I actually would recommend doing the second round of General Cure. One round is rarely enough. You want meds in the tank for 7-10 days total. I would also do Epsom salt baths. It may help with the bloat. Salt Baths
  19. AllieSten

    Fishless Cycle Seems To Have Stopped Eating Ammonia

    Nitrates don’t handle nitrites. Not sure what you mean by this. The second half of the cycle where the bacteria that converts nitrites to nitrates is slower growing. You may need to do daily water changes at this point to keep the nitrites low enough. The more ammonia you add, the higher the...
  20. AllieSten

    10 Gallon Glofish Tank Build

    I also want to mention, that not all fish have ich. I wouldn’t Medicate if you don’t see actual ich cysts. The way I quarantine my fish, will prevent some common fish illnesses. For ich in particular, what I do is turn the temp up in the tank to 88 degrees. Not all fish tolerate this, so be sure...

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