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  1. JessicaSwanlake

    Cichlid Id Asap?

    It kind of looks like a Mayan Cichlid, but it's hard to know for sure since it is pretty far away from the camera. Can you get a closer picture? Or one with a full view of the side?
  2. JessicaSwanlake

    Sweet Potato Sprouting Roots!

    The actual potato you put in your tank wouldn't be tasty at all (the vines are edible though), and it wouldn't be able to grow more potatoes on the actual vine sticking out of the tank. I think a lot of people are just growing them for nitrate absorbtion, not for looks. But honestly, sweet...
  3. JessicaSwanlake

    Question Giant Danio Bioload

    Oh, then unless whatever you want to put them with has a crazy bioload you should be fine. I have my 5 in a 55 and their bioload cumulatively is still way less than a 8 inch sailfin pleco as a comparison. Probably half or 2/3 at the most.
  4. JessicaSwanlake

    Question Giant Danio Bioload

    I have 5 giant danios and their bioload isn't that large, but since you need at least 5-6 it ends up being quite a bit cumulatively. However, if you have a big enough tank with good filtration it's not that much. Usually a 40 long or 55 is recommended for a school. What size do you have them...
  5. JessicaSwanlake

    Driftwood Piece

    I'd just see if the wood was treated first and find out what kind of wood it is. Some of the harder wood is too hard for plecos to rasp on for months. It kind of looks like malaysian driftwood, so if it isn't treated at all it would be fine in your aquarium. Sometimes it will sink immediately...
  6. JessicaSwanlake

    Question Shrimp As Food For Oscars & Blood Parrots?

    It's definitely okay for the Oscar as a treat, just make sure they are raw and chop them up a bit first. I wouldn't use them as a main food though, once every week or two would be the most I would recommend. I can't say for sure with the blood parrot, maybe chop them up extra tiny and watch to...
  7. JessicaSwanlake

    Planaria Zero

    The granules for fenbendazole (if you bought Panacur C or some other form for pets) are usually very large, and it's recommended to crush the packet prior to dosing your tank. There are excellent instructions at this link: Step by step how to kill Planaria and Hydra! - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium...
  8. JessicaSwanlake

    Planaria Zero

    I'm surprised your fish haven't just eaten all of them. I haven't heard of Fenbendazole not working before: how were you dosing the fenbendazole into the tank? Were you crushing it up into the water or were you only adding it into their food? Did you leave a carbon filter in? But to answer...
  9. JessicaSwanlake

    Planaria Zero

    What parasite are you trying to treat for?
  10. JessicaSwanlake

    What Is This Stuff On My Plants?

    I think this looks more like green hydra rather than staghorn algae. If you look close you can see the tentacles on the top of each "body". If it doesn't have any inhabitants yet you cam heat your tank to 106f for a few hours to kill it. Or doze fenbendazole as long as you don't have snails.
  11. JessicaSwanlake

    Question Recommend New Freshwater Plant

    I second anacharis and water wisteria and would suggest water sprite. It's not as bushy, but shrimp seem to love it and it still gets pretty tall.
  12. JessicaSwanlake

    Top 100 Aquarium Myths

    Good to know, I have foam in the filters for my large tanks, but I also use poly fill for mechanical filtration. Now I'm thinking I should switch to using more foam since I hate changing out the poly fill. Now for some online shopping!
  13. JessicaSwanlake

    Help Snowflake Eel Has A White Film Over It

    I think that is a good choice, then you can make sure the water parameters are prefect for your discus once you get those.
  14. JessicaSwanlake

    Let's See Some Kitties With The Fish Tanks! How Do Your Cats Treat Your Aquariums?

    These make me jealous! I rescued my 11 year old cat a year ago and got my first tank in almost 4 years solely to entertain her while I was at work. But instead she HATES them, she won't even look at it if I lift her up to see it, she tried to eat all the dry fish food, and tries to block me...
  15. JessicaSwanlake

    Help Snowflake Eel Has A White Film Over It

    What temp do you have the tank at? Since the white film is all over the eel, it is probably due to one of the parameters, probably pH or ammonia, but possibly temperature. If you aren't planning on having a marine or brackish tank then yes, I would suggest finding the eel a new home or...
  16. JessicaSwanlake

    Help Snowflake Eel Has A White Film Over It

    There are a couple of concerning things about this: First, is your tank fully cycled yet? What are your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate at? These are fairly sensitive fish and shouldn't be used for a fish in cycle (discus are even more sensitive). Second, your pH is low for any of the morays...
  17. JessicaSwanlake

    Top 100 Aquarium Myths

    Nice article! Do you mean you use only foam for your biological filter, mechanical filtration, or as both your biological and mechanical filtration?
  18. JessicaSwanlake

    Top 100 Aquarium Myths

    I don't know about some of the stuff listed on that website and wouldn't necessarily trust all of it, though there are some good points. First off, there is very little information listed about the website as a whole other than it seems to be the work of a single man who I couldn't a single...
  19. JessicaSwanlake

    30 Gallon Tank Company For Red Cherry Shrimps...

    Pretty much all of these fish will eat baby shrimp if given a chance. Platys and Gouramis are known to eat the occasional juvenile or small adult as well. If you want to add more fish, I would make sure your tank has plently of moss or subwassertang bunches for the babies to hide in so enough...
  20. JessicaSwanlake

    Why Cant Oddball Fish Be Big And Friendly

    Oh yes, absolutely! He's in a tank with my Oscar and he has nearly as much personality. He is a big beggar and sits in front of the glass like that all the time. I can feed him with my fingers and he isn't very scared of me at all. He does a lot of exploring too, I imagine that would be more...

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