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  1. BeanFish

    Question Easy Plants For 29g?

    The pot size I use is perhaps 15-20 cm deep and with a circunference of perhaps 10 cm. I didnt measure it so I am not too sure. I used potting soil and capped it with sand, the pots had holes on the bottom so I threw gravel to cover the holes before throwing the dirt. You just have to be careful...
  2. BeanFish

    Question Easy Plants For 29g?

    You could also consider using pots with dirt inside (cap them with sand) to grow Amazon swords or other plants along those lines in the pots. The plants will go crazy. I have 2 potted swords in a tub at my yard and one of them is starting to shoot leaves out of the water. It is low maintenance...
  3. BeanFish

    My "wild" Ludwigia Has Emersed...and Flowered

    Thanks. I googled it and yes it is a hyacinth. I had 3 of them bloom in my platy tub but the flowers just lasted one day. They were beautiful, although their huge roots arent... A lot of gunk gets trapped inside, perhaps even Platys get trapped there lol. This is the hyacinth blooming on my...
  4. Water hyacinth

    Water hyacinth

  5. Ludwigia flower

    Ludwigia flower

  6. Emersed ludwigia

    Emersed ludwigia

  7. BeanFish

    My "wild" Ludwigia Has Emersed...and Flowered

    I had ludwigia repens in a tub at my yard. They were in water but I decided to let the water dry so they would emerse. Eventually the water level dropped and the plants emersed. The tub got filled with water during the rainy season and they drowned. Like 3 months ago I brought some invasive...
  8. BeanFish

    Centerpiece Fish For 20 Gallon Long?

    Possibly. I would personally add more tetras instead. As you said some dwarf gouramis from Asia have an illness which name I forgot which just kills them and is non-curable. I think it was an iridovirus or something along those lines. Have you thought about a honey gourami? They are the same and...
  9. BeanFish

    What On Earth Is On My Plant?

    Yeah thats not snails. I would just take it off and put the stem back in the water again. Goodness knows whats that.
  10. BeanFish

    What On Earth Is On My Plant?

    Doesnt look like the egg clusters ramshorns/pond snails leave. Their clusters are oval shaped and pretty hard to destroy/separate as they appear on the photo. I have touched quite a few lol. Most of the time the eggs are white/yellowish and turn brown when they hatch and develop their shell...
  11. BeanFish

    Quarantine For Plants?

    Yep. Thats what I used in the rare occasions I quarantined them, never killed a plant.
  12. BeanFish


    Depends. Are they also old ones? All aquariums have common occurring parasites/bacteria/disease and its up to fish to keep them at bay. Sometimes weak fish will die because of this and the other healthy fish will look as if nothing has happened. If their bellies shrunk then yeah, its some sort...
  13. BeanFish

    Quarantine For Plants?

    Its safe as long as you use the correct bleach/water ratio. You can a visual inspection looking for snails and eggs and then to the bleach dip. Another option is a potassium permanganate dip. There is one last substance which is supposed to be very easy on the plants but I forgot the name...
  14. BeanFish

    Bright Colored Fish For 40 Gallon Tank?

    Yucatan, you can see the firemouth cichlids and huge mollies at the top. That thing is beatiful. I dont know how big your current Mollies are but you can look around and find some huge Mollies. Depending on where you live you may even be able to get sail fin mollies altough thats a different...
  15. BeanFish

    Bright Colored Fish For 40 Gallon Tank?

    Kind of a crazy idea that would need further research but you could look into just keeping the Mollies and getting Firemouth cichlids. Both species inhabit Mexico so you could even attempt to do some sort of Mexican/Central American biotope. Firemouths shouldnt be able to eat adult mollies and...
  16. BeanFish

    Fish And Rocks

    Yep, what species? And what do you mean by gravel? What size? All my fish "eat" sand and spit it out. They are foraging for food hidden on the gravel which is normal. I have heard of goldfish choking on big gravel. I guess if your fish can put decent sized gravel in your mouth they are kind of...
  17. BeanFish

    Return Of An Old Member

    I dont think Im old but I was active once, perhaps a little bit too active. Im in a decomposing state right now. Working, taking care of fish and spending time on fishlore is not as easy as it once sounded to me hehe. My fish are doing fine, my plants kind of and algae is having a fun time...
  18. BeanFish

    How To Make Tank Maintnence Less Boring

    Ebay sounds like a good place. Buy the chinese stuff, its actually good IME. I have a cheap Chinese filter that has been working for a year with no problems. Using pumps makes it much more faster. Takes me like 15 min to change 60% of the water in my 30 gal. You can probably make it faster even...
  19. BeanFish

    How To Make Tank Maintnence Less Boring

    Automate it. I use a pump to take out water and run a hose all the way from my yard into the fish tanks. Extracting water and introducing new one into a box of glass is never gonna be fun but you can make the suffering les.s
  20. BeanFish

    How To Speed Up Cycling???

    I dont have the papers here but there are certain pH r and temperature ranges where bacterial growth is best. You can research it. If my science still holds up the beneficial bacteria are called nitrosomans and nitrobacter. One for the ammonia the other for the nitrate. The optimum range is big...

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