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  1. skar

    Diagnose ram

    I defeated ich via heat method. I didn't use meds, it says the fresh water vita chem uses Guaranteed analysis (All per ounce): Crude protein (min) 21.8%, crude fat (min) 0.09%, crude fiber (max) 2%, moisture (max) 90.1%. Ingredients: Vitamin A-5000 IU, vitamin B12-40 mg, vitamin E-32 mg...
  2. skar

    Diagnose ram

    I willing to try it... no copper right ?! I haven't seen any positive outcomes with meds. Im with you on that.
  3. skar

    Diagnose ram

    Yes .. I do know ich, I've done battles with ich before. The water temp is 82 degrees. Think it's hith ?! Crumbs ...
  4. skar

    Ghost shrimp attacking tetras??

    Are you feeding the ghost enough ? The enjoy blood worms or pellets. I keep ghosts with fish and shrimp smaller than they are; without any aggression. Maybe there is not enough available protein ?
  5. skar

    Diagnose ram

    White speckles on head :( @coralbandit would appreciate the help.
  6. skar

    Question Dwarf Gourami... would it eat Ghosts?

    I keep ghosts and rcs with honey gouramies. They all have been great together. Hope you enjoy your tank !
  7. skar

    New stuff... color question

    Thank you very much. Yes... you are on the money!! I have well over 20 different sp in there.
  8. skar

    New stuff... color question

    Thank you so much. It's a dwarf cray, so I do hope it behaves itself in there ! The bee shrimp are beautiful, I'm excited to try them out !!
  9. skar

    New stuff... color question

    @richie.p @MissNoodle @Redshark1 Not sure why the pics went out. I Reloaded them. Hope you like it !
  10. skar

    New stuff... color question

    I contacted the seller. He said the colors will develop more a.d the cray grows and gets comfortable in the tank.
  11. skar

    New stuff... color question

    Ha ha @BlackSkirtTetra you know that's soooo true !! Thank you again @Feohw r really hope to those colors pop like that. @abbytherookiehuman it's a 75gallon.
  12. skar

    New stuff... color question

    Thank you @Feohw @StarGirl15 @Momgoose56 I appreciate the comments. The crays in the pics looked like a pretty grey blue.. :/ At least he's a quirky lil dude.
  13. skar

    New stuff... color question

    Got some cool new inhabitants!! Question is for dwarf cray... bought as a blue but the tiny guy looks just translucent brown... will that change as he grows ?
  14. skar

    What substrate should I use for gecko?

    I vote peat moss.. cheap with added benefit of resisting mold and increasing humidity.
  15. skar

    Crystal clear water.

    Try seachem purigen. Amazing stuff for clear water, no chemicals and reusable.
  16. skar

    On The Verge Of Co2

    Fyi... the 7lbs co2 tank was a pain today. I ended up exchanging it towards a 20lbs co2 tank... However this wasted a majority of my day. Info For anyone who may look into this.
  17. skar

    Dwarf Orange Cray

    Very cool. These guys are new to my world. I never knew about dwarf crays till the last few days. I just ordered a blue one today. Always looking for new nano sp.
  18. skar

    Dwarf Cray Questions

    Hello @scarface and @H Farnsworth I have pretty much the same question.. I have cherry shrimp and micro rasboras also dwarf cories in a 75 gallon. You both don't have any issues with the dwarf crayfish ?? Thank you
  19. skar

    Best small pet ever !!

    True... however most small mammals don't live particularly long. It's hard to lose any pet but... they are alot of fun and give you their all.

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